Nice and ongoing terror attacks in W Europe

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the worst bits were interviews with uighur muslims who had been interned, who, while interned had had their children placed in state orphanages where they were taught that they were not uighurs at all but children of the chinese state. quasi-genocidal sort of vibe.
yeah it's terrible, although the Uighur stuff differs from other minorities only in harshness and steepness of the cultural genocide curve

the most recent move in Tibet was making Chinese the primary language of instruction in primary schools, as it has been in high schools for decades, and banning monasteries from offering Tibetan-language classes. and the CCP very recently introduced by the same policy in Inner Mongolia, which sparked a huge backlash.


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buy up all yr luxury real estate in Vancouver and make housing completely unaffordable for non-rich ppl (that one's true tho)

I know someone who moved there two years ago, a small fixer-upper shack of a house was, like, more than 1.5 million (Canadian dollars, but still).


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It's disfigured London bank accounts turn into huge apartment blocks scarring the landscape but it's not the fault of the Chinese not that I'm saying you are saying etc


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when i think of macron i see his police force killing and mutilating people. when i think of macron i see the image of a woman in a burqini on the beach forced by police officers to undress herself. i hear him telling a trade unionist "you don’t scare me with your t-shirt. the best way of paying for a suit is to work.". i think of him calling africa's problems civilizational. i think of him making it illegal to record police violence or to spread images of police violence. i hope the yellow vests chase him out real soon.


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Heads up. There's a guinea pig with a line in brass instruments in the Covid thread. Tried my best honestly, but the cunt is like Terminator. Pump action shells shredded through its body cavity and it kept reforming like a mercury rodent. Never seen fuck all like it.

Impervious to de-radicalising. Comes up with charts, fancy graphics and these things called bell jar curves, while my sorry redneck ass can't even use MS-Paint. Probably drowns kittens on a Sunday, just to show the good Lord it isn't loosening up. The perfect apex predator.

Still, makes me want to, you know, give it a hug, a wee back scratch and install a fresh water-feeder on its cage, before it escapes out into the night.
Or worse.

Pass the word around - if it starts probing the line again, i'm calling in air support


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in re Macron, it piqued my interest and I did a little background reading - I think my gut instinct was correct, that he's both trying to head off far-right criticism in an immediate tactical sense and pursuing a longer-term strategy of actively trying to siphon off part of Le Pen's base - other members of his party have made even cruder immigrant/Muslim-baiting comments in recent months. he and Le Pen are at a dead heat in the polls (next election is April 2022), he's massively hated by the left for good and obvious reasons, far-right populism is on the rise, why not embrace a watered-down form of it. meanwhile Le Pen is continuing her own long-term rebrand of the Front National as less obviously racist - which is bullshit, Al Jazeera did a big expose last year linking high-ranking party figures to literal fascists (Les Identitaires) - but publicly it seems to have been quite successful at normalizing the party. so really the two remaining parties in French politics seem to be converging on nativism, not as extreme as that of Le Pen's father but not very far off either.

it seems like an extremely bad situation to be in if you're French and not racist and/or an investment banker. there is no viable left candidate or party, your voting choices are Clinton/Blair on steroids vs French Stephen Miller (but charismatic) with both scapegoating Muslims for everything.
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