The hip hop never ever ever stops thread


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Im jjust coming back on here to say you mean to tell me none of you have thoughts on the new Uzi Vert album? at least corpse or maybe barty
I’m not making this up. I had a dream last night that I was listening to it and it sampled alkaline’s ‘deep sleep’, UK apache’s ‘original nuttah’ and some UK drill.
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you should keep updating that thread from time to time. sometimes it just takes a bit of coaxing and persistence for people to have something to say

it think it's a very interesting phenomenon.


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This beat is fiyah innit. I used to be a huge Beatnuts fan. I was convinced their first proper album was the greatest rap album ever. In retrospect I was mad, but the beats are great and I was really into their nihilistic party animal attitude. "Guzzling a Guinness Stout, puffing on a big blunt" - still an image of happiness that I aspire to embody.