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  1. haji

    Kitchen Appliances

    The microwavé has started making clouds of acrid smoke and demented threatening buzzing noises that hasten me to the kitchennette for fear of something worse... it's now plugged off and out of commission :( and i'm astonished at how integrated it is in my brain circuitry, i keep reaching for it...
  2. mixed_biscuits


    Has anyone here busked?
  3. haji

    Going out in London/UK 2024 (or not?)

    Apparently it's all over, the number of clubs in uk has dropped from 3000 in 2005 to under 1000 now, nightlife is dead, nothing happening on this early evening street where I'm sitting now apart from a stream of trudging commuters, im sitting outside this Greek cafe run by Albanians where at...
  4. T

    jump up jungle 4 da ladies

    Don't think we've had this discussion. Obviously all music is for all genders and sexual orientations yata yata yata, but which jump up tunes have the elements of feminin presha? One I can think off the top of my head, weirdly, is this one from nyc geezer Armand Van Helden.
  5. W

    Jersey 2024

    What the are they smoking over there Absolutely mental. I know its very internet driven but if you look at the faster tempo end of brooklyn drill/jersey hybrid from last year it's like that taken to the mental extreme Some great tunes in here. Some shite as well ofc. Don't know if there are...
  6. Leo

    Choon of the Day, redux

  7. haji

    Sudan 30 October

  8. B

    lovers jungle

    is how I described 2step but what about examples of jungle that is romantic or sexy? NOT including songs where a diva sample is very clearly being used to refer to Ecstasy e.g. "Finest Illusion" rather songs construably about being in love rather than being luv'dup here's one to start with
  9. HMGovt’s Glorious Return!

    Who has fucked who on dissensus?

    For the FAQ And I mean literal fucking, not finger-popping, Georgian rimming or blowjobs.
  10. CORP$EY

    The hip hop never ever ever stops thread

    For all raps old and new BLACK MOON - MAKE MUNNE 1993 I've never listened to Enta Da Stage before. Weirdly, since I have loved Who Got Da Props and I Gotcha Open for many years. Other than those ones, this has been the highlight so far. Name other tracks with this sort of bassline - I know...
  11. luka

    Cafe oto vs pizza express jazz club

    Easy tbh
  12. S


    I've seen few other threads talking about booty, ghettotech and juke. But there is this mindblowing street culture in chicago based on footworking and this abstract, dark and fucked up version of juke. imeem used to be a good place to listen to this stuff.