Cafe oto vs pizza express jazz club

john eden

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I'm excited to hear about the amazing jazz that people have seen at Pizza Express, possibly whilst on a hot date.


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Pizza Express is distinctly easier to get back to Cambridge from once the gig's over tbf.

Considering going down on Tuesday for a rematch with Sly and the Family Drone but could do without buses from Hitchin and all that, er, jazz.


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Lol. I was with my uncle. ("I'm too old to be challenged")
It was a sextet doing the music of Oliver Nelson. It was pretty good and a great space plus you get to eat pizza.
Next Oto thing I'm off to is Art Ensemble of Chicago


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My favourite Oto quote (from Paul STN): "Were you here that time we saw a guy play a bowl of dirt?"

Sadly, I wasn't.


Tight but Polite
Oto celebrates mediocrity and performative connoisseurship (all those whiskys)

Performative connoisseurship sounds like my meticulously curated cup of hand picked artisan tea, so I'm going to be down there (for the first time) tonight.

Might check out PEJC next week though.