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Majda ismail

Daughter of Tandalty


imagine if we could crowdsource these guys a 303

vocal psychedelia @2:50 ish + proper hard clacking ( synthetic handclaps at correct volume )

clack clack clack, cheesy synth preset, hard as fuck



Majda rocking the mic, sounding a bit like Siouxsie at the start...

edit: some of these videos from Tandalty / Tindalti feature the featured vocalist being pushed aside as the youth salute the keyboard guy - I feel a bit sorry for Majda in this clip as some youngster waves his sweaty armpit in her face


she takes it her stride

just like "Professor" Ammar in this clip...pushed out of the way....

keyboard guy steals the show, Professor is big enough to to allow it
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how many other scenes are there that work like this with a keyboard going nuts and a vocalist? i've seen loads of videos like this from indonesia too


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second of those Indonesian clips is impressive for how the little kid can furiously puff away on his cig and hammer away at the keyboard at the same time


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YES! Someone in Tandalti has got married today! which means more complete strangers wedding videos I can watch in case they play some good tunes...

Salma on vocal duties - some nice percussion around the 3 minute mark

I recognise the venue - here's Professor Ammar entertaining the guests with some hard and driving tune at someone's wedding in the same cavernous hall:

guy in Bart shirt wants to dance but seats on the stage are at a premium

Banger from the prof! Bart boy relinquishes seat, hands in the air! Proper intense clack clack rhythm.

this clip features a kid who seems to be able to achieve a state that I would have to pay a lot of money to attain - lost in the music, oblivious, tranced out
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