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A few years ago I got thread worm. It was a bit of a horrifying experience because I opened up my asshole in the mirror to check what the weird sensation was and saw all these creatures crawling out of me. I remember picking them off with tissues and watching them squirming and writhing. It’s a surprisingly visceral feeling to know you’re body’s inhabited by parasites. They’ve inside you (a common delusion of schizophrenics). I didn’t sleep all night out of discomfort and horror, but the sleep-deprivation made it all worse. Made it all more nightmarish and hallucinogenic.

Every single time I’ve shat since I always have an inspection. Every time I feel a slight twitch or a twang in my bum I get paranoid. My life will forever be compromised by that experience. PTSD- Post-threadworm shitting disorder.

it's strange (and maybe very telling) that all my paranoia's revolve around poo.