Deep House and Garage


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sure but that's a remix of a strictly rhythm tune, and strictly rhythm were the O.G dc10 if we're being brutally honest. it's not something i would pplay out but for that ultra mainstream of deep house its a good representative.

fair dos and there's an art in that. those tunes that bridge the commersh and the deep. that way you can either lead non heads into your real shit or give em a little breather of things are getting too heady.

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this tune lead me to watching osunlade play at east village which was the night i became a house head 4 life. he was booked for maybe 4 hours, ended up playing 6 or 7. i stopped dancing twice for a glass of water. it was everything i missed about 90s dnb with a whole new groove. the track above is nothing like what he played tho.


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Deep house can be so dull but when it isn't it's my favourite sort of house. (A bit like disco actually.)