Can turn naughty
hadn't thought about Peter Daou for a while
- Tribal / Deep House ledge early 90's
- key Team Clinton player, 2016 POTUS election
- rabid anti Bernie - bro
- road to Damscus type conversion to team Bernie, 2019 Primaries
- Nov 2020 : full on fc*k the system vibes

A cool twist to this tale revealed itself to me this eve while listening to Francois K's Twitch stream. I had no idea but FK said Peter Daou is campaign manager for Cornel West's 2024 run for office.



Cat Malogen
nipper-free weekend, trying to rinse a dying hard drive’s playlist to listen for indispensables

any more full on with Colonel A’s vocal work and it’d be too much (for my ears), TJ remix is an Exocet of a Garage City choon