black ops (appreciation-type post)

mos dan

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i had 'kettle' (ft god's gift) as my ring tone for most of last year actually (having finally worked out how to transfer mp3s to my phone, five years after everyone else :rolleyes:) - it might be for that reason, rather than anything objective, but i basically view kettle's bass line as the quintessential grime sound. there may be (marginally) better riddims out there, but the way that bass line warps gets me every time.


I think the guy from RWD you are talking about is natzta, he claims he is in Nasty Crew & that he works with all the Black Op's guys, not really sure how true it is though.

He probably posted this Black Op's mix up, its 35 mins long, I remember getting it off RWD years ago.

we duck the 5-0 vocal is sick

i like some black ops vocals, swolla was quite fun
hoods up is just so hummable - i kind of put black ops on a par with early macabre unit - though their sound is so much more 3 dimensional these days


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Jon e cash...put the kettle on....
heavy, so heavy.
I love how jon e cash, and the rest of black ops can put out what seems like hundreds tracks and they're all bangin'


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pre 'war'

jon e cash and the west london movment were unheard of in grime.

slimzee broke that tune with great effect and they still never released the proper version which was a shame.

jon e was banging out sublo tracks back in 98/99

definetly goes down as an inovator in the grime scene