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Ursula Kaczmarek estimates that about 90% of her diet comes from the trash.

Kaczmarek, 44, is one of several dumpster divers, or freegans, who has developed an intimate sense of the edible food that local bodegas and grocery stores throw out in her Brooklyn neighborhood. A data scientist by day, she hunts by night through trash bins and shines a flashlight into garbage bags she makes sure to carefully tie back up.


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no one's talking about the epic showdown that just went down in dimes square??? r. crumbs was there. nick milliondollarextreme was there. nick "diddy kong" mullen was there. the mold bug was there.


I found that story strange and interesting.. but I was a little confused by all the comments below saying how brilliant his writing was in that article. To me it seemed like the meat of it was a fairly matter of fact description of the events that occurred (and I get that that can be a style in itself but...) and the bits around it when he kept referring to "my writing" and his process and a creative arc or whatever it was, I found uncomfortably self-important, even self-aggrandising. And this bit, when the "ordinary" people who aren't megafamous like him were allowed to speak... his reaction was pretty telling

"And then the conversation dropped about two standard deviations of IQ as the cameras and boom mics shifted throughout all the nobody background extras"

Plus when he brought his parents into it, I understand the relevance in that these freaky film-makers had brought their parents to the event, but I would have found it more worthwhile at that point to discuss the general weirdness of that happening, rather than to go into how they would have behaved in a similar situation.

in short, the writer was the victim here no doubt, but I don't think I would enjoy meeting him for a beer particularly.

Who is this guy anyhow @suspended? Did you provide a biography of him anywhere in this thread? How about his filmmaker enemies? I'm particularly intrigued by how he describes her voice. I know I could google them and find out stuff that way, but really, I think that you, Gus, opened this world up for me (maybe all of us I dunno) and brought me into it, it's only you I trust to lead me through it and to honestly and accurately sum these freaks up. So, what I'm saying, if you have already written about those guys point me to it, if not then... get scribbling.


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Instead of hell, Gus descends into the NYU art student milieu. Instead of writhing bodies stuck in the fords, he'll pass by art waifs stuck in stalls, and poseurs ostentatiously reading theory in popular nightlife locales for eternity.