He's on my screen right now, with Jennifer Aniston, and this morning I saw a trailer for an upcoming film with him in it. It seems he's still out there, lurking, every time you think he's gone away he pops up and, suddenly he's there right in front of you again like he'd never been away.



same film as the first one but there's some real moments in here. It begins with a US drone strike failing to kill an international terrorist and instead a party of civilians. Years later, the terrorists plot a revenge attack in london which manages to kill every president of countries americans might care about but also not so big so as to alienate a large foreign audience- so goodbye England, France, Germany, Canada, and Japan.

Gerard Butler and the US president are now trapped in a london in which every police officer is actually an under cover arab terrorist. think escape from new york. This time even the president racks up a body count and Gerard Butler tells arab man to go back to 'Fuckheadistan.' They escape.

The movie ends with what is surely the only heroic drone strike ever put to film. Morgan Freeman, the vice president, delivers a one liner over telephone before the terrorist finds death from above. Notice this is the films way of righting the wrong of the opening scene in which they erroneously droned a 13-and-under girls soccer team. Morgan Freedman delivers these closing remarks to the public which I will quote directly:
haha this one is on telly right now - westminster abbey and chelsea bridge just got blown up & the police are all terrorists, Bonanza!