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I wonder if the lads (its lads) writing that sort of script are absolutely creasing writing a line like that

You'd like to believe they think it's really good stuff

I think my dream job might be writing dialogue like that for a hollywood studio

Living in a mansion in the hollywood hills, snorting my nose off and penning a new gerry butler movie


Something about the pacing these attempteted blockbusters take to fit in enough world building to qualify as an 'epic' while also remaining below a 2 1/2 hour run time disgusts me. Its the acting, its so rushed its impossible to seem human
Having been thinking about tv cos been talking about Succession in the other thread, I feel that this is, in part, once again, due to telly. The director of an epic film surely feels that he must make it somehow "bigger" than a tv series about normal people working in an office or doing any of the normal people stuff that they do in telly shows and I think that puts him or her in an impossible position cos even if the epic film is about eternal and almighty gods and heroes while the tv show is about undertakers or people who work in advertising, the brute fact is that the former is two hours long and the second is sixty hours long. How to overcome that? You can't, but I bet trying to do so leads to some peculiar and desperate decisions.


Massive tits on all the women in this. that was put in for the dads. A highlight of the writing so far is when the provincial teenage protsgonist is drooling over a pair and goes 'the gods genouosity know no bounds'

Very witty. I'm actually watching Wild Wild West right now, the Will Smith vehicle* which also features Kevin Kline and Salma Hayek. There is a bit where, after an argument, they give Hayek a lift in their steampunk train, and when she goes to bed she turns round showing a rip in her nightdress which reveals her bum to our two heroes. Sadly it is by far the best scene in the film, enlivened by the following sparkling repartee

Kline as Artemus Gordon: Ah, she is a breath of fresh ass
Smith as Captain James West: See, I told you she would be a distraction
Gordon: How so? I merely said she was a breast of fresh air.
West: For goodness sakes, it's time for bed, let's get some shut-ass

Clearly the gods weren't feeling too generous when they were handing out lines to these scriptwriters

*Though if it were an actual vehicle it would have failed to start and when it finally did it would have crashed into a hapless family waiting for a bus, killing them all and its driver


My favourite is "shut-ass" cos it just doesn't work at all on any level, and also because of the graphic image that can't help but come to mind when told someone needs "shut-arse"


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idle rich you dont notice at first but it creeps up on you hes the most lavishly flagrantly mentally ill perosn in the whole wide world