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aint logged into this mess for ages but the Logan thing brought me out the dirt. I feel sorry for the lad but it was coming in this day age of internet history, reminds me i should delete all the stuff ive posted on here just incase i get 'famous / decent job'

Since Uptown forum Logan was wild on the keys but he never got a slap from loads of people he annoyed, seemed like he got away with it. But the BBC and the world of the snowflake didnt like his comments. Guess it means people should just post adverts on socials.

Also what he said was wrong but grime lyrics are full of hateful things against women and all sorts

Anyway, hi to anyone who rememebers my magnificent posts



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its a 'just wanted to join in the banter and be one of the lads with your black mates but overstepping the invisible line' scenario


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its a 'just wanted to join in the banter and be one of the lads with your black mates but overstepping the invisible line' scenario

This is it

A lot less obviously inflammatory than a good bit of stuff he has put online down the years but right move from the beeb. Interesting to consider how swiftly they cut him loose though isn't it? The show was probably in some form of development or consideration a while before it started as such and we are more used to a bit of 'management' or wait and see from institutions.

I would be a paid up member of the snowflake mob but still wincing a bit at the suggestion that he is some sort of carpetbagging interloper. Bit bizarre watching the contribution of Danny Weed, Gee, Slimzee, Maximum, Scratchy, etc, etc vanish. Like Westwood before, Sama has definitely benefited career or otherwise from being one of the whites guys, even if he did put a lot of it to good use, but the momentum behind the scene now probably has the opportunities and who's getting them being weighed up in different ways.
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New Westwood interview with Jammer is quite good. The big dog, now sporting some kind of stubble beard, does a good job of unwinding Jammer's barely concealed contempt so that the second half of the conversation is a lot less strained. I've always loved the resentment and suspicion Grime MCs and DJs tend to show Westwood. Like they are embarrassed they have to go through him to get exposure lol. Jammer does tell some interesting history of his journey through Grime however and explains how he is no longer the wild young whipper snapper he once was. How old is he now? Can he still use the "I'm a big man but I'm not thirty" bars??



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tim expects them to be american or something like hes completely cut off from the normal experience of london life. theres two moments that stick in my mind. one is tim trying to cuss kano for wearing 'tight' jeans and kano patiently explaining that that's how people in London dress, fitted things, smart, this would have been early '00s i suppose, but pre-skinny jeans.
the other one was tim trying to browbeat trim into saying he was his favourite whiteboy and trim explaining that he has a lot of white mates and tim is not his favourite whiteboy.
"i grew up on the isle of dogs. it's a predominantly white area"
that disconnct between reality of peoples lives and tims fantasies always made for good comedy.


no mickey mouse ting
i love westwood both as a comedy figure and as an advocate of music but i always wonder how rappers feel when this (now pensionable) white english guy is talking about getting turnt up in the club etc.


no mickey mouse ting
i'm assuming he saw Eminem do it and followed his lead

except it makes Eminem look like a botoxed tramp

westwood is a funny/interesting one to follow on IG - he seems to eat solitary meals in a restaurant a lot

did you see the westwood/giggs interview where westwood is clearly hungover as fuck?

edit: here it is
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i love westwood both as a comedy figure and as an advocate of music but i always wonder how rappers feel when this (now pensionable) white english guy is talking about getting turnt up in the club etc.

I think the younger generation are just amazed with Westwood, Americans don't get it besides Tyler the Creator & them.

See Cardi on the interview with him? Utter dismay.


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Saw Wiley down Brixton Academy ting was ok alot of the set list was mostly geared towards his recent stuff with one or two commercial tracks, no big guests but he brought Mez and Cadell out who im cool with (has anybody here besides Crowley heard L.O.N.D.O.N? i think its great)

certain point he tried to bring in youngers out who it was clear the crowd were not feeling and at a certain point it stopped kinda early cause he said he got a stitch

Openers were Sneakbo and Ms Banks, both alright imo. heard alot of trap being intersperesed in Rude Kids set at the start

between the snow and the crowd the whiteness levels were HIGH

i have to ask, did any of you man see Jammers interview on Radar? some good points but i find it HILARIOUS that Jammer of all people is talking about "ballet dancers" in the scene and supporting the culture and whatever talking about shutting down the ting when history and Marcus would show otherwise than hes BEEN a conman from time,also he should just chill we know hes earning good money now its ok LOL


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was garage rap more of a south london thing?

pre-so solid? i dont think of it that way but i'd have to look
at the names again. genius cru were from ilford
i think generally it was more dispersed/not geographically specific

everyone was mcing and everyone was mcing with 'the garage voice'

I’m talking that sweet spot that's post-garage voice, but pre-grime. The stuff reynolds was into before he got into grime (you might’ve been out the country when it was happening). drill sounds more indebted to that kind of stuff than to grime, so was wondered if it was a south thing. the flows don’t have the east london cadence, south london’s less racially integrated so you don’t have the cockney influence. musically more derivative too, the kind of garage rap i’m talking about is very close to being uk dancehall, whereas grime wasn’t derivative at all. like you were saying about all the sound systems coming from south.

i was out the country yeah. im pretty sure reynolds has a lot of stuff about this online. i remember i had to turn to it when i was trying to fill in gaps sort of thing. i'll have a look.

funny in retrospect to see these lot being talked about as late as 2003:

"So Solid Crew, K2 Family, Pay As U Go Kartel, GK Allstars, Dem Lott, Horra Squad, Nasty Crew"

like always you have the future and the past happening at the
same time. genius cru at the same time as more fire.
if you look at early grime mixes you can see
the same confusion. not really being able to identify
the new, not being able to distinguish it from the old.

a similar thing happens with you lot who lived through hardcore and jungle; you perceive a much wider grey area than i do looking back retrospectively. pay as u go is a completely different world from roll deep for me, maybe didn’t feel that way at the time.

time barrier

yeah well the grey area i think is cos they were literally happening
simultaneously, you know, in clock time. but in past/future time
the difference is obvious! the future doesn't move evenly across
everything at once like a tsunami.

there's that current, that pushes forward but it encounters various
resistances. you get eddies and blockages and even reversals.

it always embodies a new set of values and that's threatening to
anyone invested in the old values. e.g. the smoothness and
aspirationalism of garage is wiped out by the hood and trainers of grime

has anyone done grime as brutalist architecture?

given the brutalist blog scene ran almost
concurrently with the grime blog scene and
overlapped (i tried to get owen hatherly stoned)
you'd hope so! it is angles and planes.
a lack of ornamentation.

this or that

just as an aside the 'tower' hamlets lot all seemed to come
from the big brutalist estates but the lot from further east
didn't i don't think. or not for the most part. titch probably
did but otherwise a lot of small terraced houses and stuff.

less 'glamorous' couldnt put it on the front of a 'run the roads' comp

never let reality get in the way of somehting clever to say.

this bloke's from a brutalist place that’s on the same road kate bush wrote wuthering heights.


never let reality get in the way of somehting clever to say.

related to

the boring answer is always the wrong answer

you have to say something wrong to say somehting true

this tune is much more hype isnt it.
doesnt sound sedated

cos of the architecture

cos of tesco carpark in catford according to the comment!

the further east you get from tulse hill the livelier it gets.

grove park:

bit difficult to say you’re a roadman if you come from grove park, but there you go.

deep south london geography


I’m like that bloke who writes books about walking round the m25 and gets reviewed in the guardian.

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south london probably has the only space outisde the panopticon now anyway
you cant do that in east anymore it's all yuppies on racing bikes and australians
having picnics with their 200 closest personal friends.

all the places i used to light bonfires and smoke weed are yuppie playpens its mad

Tottenham too, but Tottenham’s essentially south London.

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if tottenham is south london then hackney is too tbh
tottenham-brixton hackney-peckham

hackney was never considered part of the east end traditionally
and then they went and proved it by not having one single grime
artist but they did have a foundational road rap crew.

big settled west indian populations, not many asians. that's
basically the connection with south.

tottenham had grime but it was awful. they also
had north star and my favourite rapper young spray.

A lot of Bethnal green’s still real London; east London though, not south

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npk and ofb are big drill acts from tottenham. though headie one’s trying to be the bbk of drill.


heavy heavy monster sound
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