1. P

    Pearsall presents Rinsessions Revisited [Early Grime Instrumental Mix]

    I think the best ever single grime tape pack / mix release was Rinse FM's amazing Rinsessions Vol. 1, which was released in 2005. A true landmark release, it featured six mixes from some of the scene's leading names, such as Roll Deep, Ruff Sqwad, Slimzee, Plasticman (now known as Plastician)...
  2. T

    T_! (macabre)- 100% unreleased business - 140 BPM- Getdarker Exclusive

    140 - T_! - 100% FRESHNESS MAY 2015 - 3 DECKS - GETDARKER EXCLUSIVE TRACKLIST T_! - Slippin' Mikael - Shut Sleeper - Kaya The Illuminated - De_dust 2 K Man - Cloud Surfer T_! - Caxton Point Sepia - Amber Sleeper - Dub From Future...
  3. Simon78

    Chronik (Slew Dem), DJ Magic (No Hats No Hoods) Sat 24th Nov, The Alibi Dalston, Free

    FREE ENTRY Chronik & DJ Magic (Slew Dem/No Hats No Hoods) Slackk Altered Natives Tom Lea Oil Gang Saturday 24th November, 9pm - 3am The Alibi 91 Kingsland High St, Dalston, E8 Chronik really shouldn't need much introduction if you share our taste in aggro grime and rap but in case he does...
  4. F


    WE PLAY MUSIC – Podcast Episode 113– 1/1/12 – UK Grime Edition – DJ Dlux – DejaVu fm Click link below to download the first show for 2012. As part of the Deja Vu fm Alternative Music Week Feature his first show of 2012, Dlux presents this one off UK Grime Music Special. Featuring tracks from...
  5. K

    Braindead Entertainment is back (footsie & tubby)

    Hi all, For those interested, I now manage Footsie & Tubby's label, Braindead Entertainment. People have been fiending for Footsie's & Tubby's instrumentals since I got into Grime and it now looks like there will finally be a steady supply. If you don't know about their tunes (!) ...
  6. Wifey

    Ralph LTF mixes SLACKK & LOGOS

    Kind of Eski House with a bit of epic space travel involved this one. Track Listing 1. Slackk - Synthetic 2. Cassie - Thirsty (Slackk Remix) 3. Logos - Kowloon 4. Slackk - Mantis 5. Logos - Atlanta 96 6. Logos - Atlanta 96 (Slackk Remix) 7. Slackk - Pub Crawl 8. Logos - King Mob 9. Slackk -...
  7. Simon78

    Spooky (Slew Dem) - Murderer EP (Oil Gang 001)

    Spooky (Slew Dem) - Murderer EP (Oil Gang 001) If you want FLAC files go to Boomkat, WAV's are available at Juno Download/Traxsource and all the others are selling mp3s. If you just want the files as mp3s then 7Digital and HMV look the cheapest. MP3/FLAC/WAV iTunes Boomkat Juno Download...
  8. Simon78

    Spooky (Slew Dem) Murderer EP (Oil Gang 001)

    4 track Grime EP from DJ Spooky (Slew Dem) Release Date - 10th of May for vinyl, 3 weeks later for digital 300 copies Preview the tracks DJ's supporting the EP: DJ EZ (Kiss FM), Logan Sama (Kiss FM), Spyro (Rinse FM), Elijah &...
  9. W

    Wascal - Attention Defecit EP (Rocstar Records)

    Wascal - Attention Defecit EP clips are up exclusively on JunoDownload. Full release on Cut La Roc's Rocstar label on 7/3/10 [/shameless promo]
  10. Simon78

    Sub FM 21/02/10, Slackk B2B Hisco (Oil Gang)

    Sub FM 21/02/10, Slackk B2B Hisco (Oil Gang) Bit of Funky at the beginning and then loads of new Grime. 1: Roach - Moony 2: Funky Bit - Doc Daneeka 3: This Isn't What I Want To Do - Refuge 4: Shitta - BassBoy 5: Pony (Slackk Refix) - Ginuwine 6: Fire Flies - Slackk 7: The Drop Dead Funk...
  11. Simon78

    Oil Gang B2B Slackk - Sub FM promo mix (Grime)

    Just done this mix with Slackk to promote our radio show on Sub FM. Its 45 minutes long so will fit nicely on a CD and is full of all of the Grime producers who we think are going to be big this year. Oil Gang B2B Slackk - Sub FM every other Sunday - 11am - 1pm 320kbps mp3 -...
  12. P

    Classic grime on youtube

    I've spent this morning listening to that Terror Danjah compilation on Planet Mu then roaming youtube looking for my favourite old grime tunes, and then I thought that this forum could really do with a classic youtube grime thread! I'll start - <object width="425" height="344"><param...
  13. C

    Pop derived from Grime

    This is ace - <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"...
  14. U


    Yes people! After killer sets from Dexplicit, Roska, Ben UFO and DJ Smutlee in June, U Dun Know are back again with another serious line up! L-Vis 1990 (Mad Decent / Night Slugs) Grievous Angel (Devotional Dubz / Woofah) Reecha (Dirty Canvas / No Hats No Hoods) Unknown Soulja (Sub FM) Mosca...
  15. wise

    WISE - dubstep/grime & such mix

    WISE - Hitched mix Dec 2008 download here Pattie Blingh - Brother:The Point (2562 rmx) Rustie - Tempered King Midas Sound - Cool Out Gemmy - Back 2 The Future Chimpo - Lock Off Rude Kid - Alien Skank Mala - New Life Baby Paris Pinch - Joyride Goth Trad - The Clown D1 - Oingie Boingie Jammin -...
  16. W

    VIDEO: Webcam Badman

    track listing: 01 Wiley - It's A Par 02 Cotti ft Doctor - Calm Down 03 Conquest - Forever (D1 Remix) 04 MRK1 - Get Out Clause 05 Skynet - Isolate 06 Dead Prez - Hip Hop 07 Zed Bias - Cosmic Minefield 08 TRG - Generation (Breakage Remix) 09 Loefah - Disco Rekah
  17. B

    grime tune ID

    does anyone know the artist and track title for a grime song with the lyrics "oi mate - shut your mouth"?
  18. Z

    2003 Grime Essentials

    what are they? my first exposure to Grime was the CDRs Woebot sent me, and my favorite was the one from 2003. but i don't know who any of the artists are because they were unlabeled and untagged. who did that song "sell drugs sex gals smoke weed that's me"? listening to Lightnin and...
  19. M

    grime tapes upload thread

    over the next couple weeks im going to upload the grime tapes luka lent me in this thread. 1. heaaaaaaartleeeeeeeess dj deisel - wiley, gods gift, jookie mondo deja 92.3fm - slewing heartless start of 2002 i guess?
  20. mos dan

    Grime and the media

    i was going to keep this discussion going in the trim thread, but there are already enough tangents in there i reckon, and this is a subject pretty close to my heart. the story so far, to crudely summarise: logan says 'eff the guardian', elgato says 'is that the best attitude to take to the...