2003 Grime Essentials


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what are they?

my first exposure to Grime was the CDRs Woebot sent me, and my favorite was the one from 2003. but i don't know who any of the artists are because they were unlabeled and untagged.

who did that song "sell drugs sex gals smoke weed that's me"?

listening to Lightnin and love it...

although i love some of the new shit too, but there's that particular ominous dark raw feeling of old Grime recordings before things got more polished.

(if I sound like an outsider talking rubbish feel free to let me know)
A good CD from around then is this:

Very few vocal tracks, but one CD has Godsgift putting on a very good performance, and B Live hosts the other one. I think this CD is the closest Grime has come to having a definitive compilation which is availiable in the High Street as opposed to just 3 shops in London

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The original N.A.S.T.Y. crew. There hasn't been a crew as strong since.
I'd recommend getting old N.A.S.T.Y. sets (grimetapes.com is you!). If you're interested in actual tunes, there is a really good N.A.S.T.Y. crew bootleg that floats around the internet with a lot of good stuff on it. Jammer put together an official compilation (Destruction: The Classics), but it's just not very good. There are a lot of tunes on it that definitely aren't classics.

I got into grime in 2004, so I'm a little unsure of the dates, but it would've been stuff from around this time that was getting me into it all, and most of the N.A.S.T.Y. shit was doing it for me particularly:

Terror Danjah ft. Hyper, Riko, D Double E and Bruza - Cock Back
D Double E - Birds in the Sky
N.A.S.T.Y. Crew - Take U Out
N.A.S.T.Y. Crew - Good U Know
Kano - Boys Luv Girls
Footsie - Right Hooks
Sharky Major - This Ain't A Game
Jammer ft. Wiley, D Double E, Durrty Goodz, Kano - Destruction VIP

I'm pretty sure Lord of the Decks vol. 2 was around this time too. Escobar's freestyle on the Ice Rink refix is fucked.

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I think this tune might be from 2004, but it deserves mention anyway: Dizzee Rascal ft. D Double E - Give You More.

Oh and Ruff Sqwad - Tings In Boots.


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Donaeo - Bounce
Sticky + Tubby T- Ganjaman
Wiley - Braindead Eskimo / Ice Rink / Shanghai / Tweet Riddim
Dizzee Rascal + Durrty Doogz - Stretch

all big tunes from 2003 (I think)
I digress but,

It's always seemed so strange to me that, given how underground and unsuccessful Grime is, they manage to have music videos of it on fucking TV! People talk all day about how the internet has changed music promotion, but these MCs being able to afford putting their videos on the telly is something else. If you think of it in terms of record sales, the tunes are selling diddly squat, I'm sure in the past when underground dance had videos made it was because the label was one of the larger indies and was reasonabaly 'proffessional'. What is the Murkle Man video trying to sell us, a mixtape with a badly photocopied sleeve? Even though current grime vids are on obscure sattelite channels, it just seems like it has turned the previous business model completely on its head.


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I digress but,

It's always seemed so strange to me that, given how underground and unsuccessful Grime is, they manage to have music videos of it on fucking TV!

Saw a few grime videos on MTV the other day and they looked like they were trying to be t-pain or something - diamond sunglasses etc...

I prefer it when its just Mr Wong trying to move on a sex-line model in an Oxfam suit
There's a NASTY La Cosa Nostra studio set from 03 on Grimetapes, in 'studio sets' if that helps. All the rhythms are tagged as well I think.


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Flodan of Roll Deep

and that shuffling beat so ill... was produced by danny weed if i remember correctly? but there were probably many different versions of it.

danny weed rocks.

another highlight from the woe-cd was the "Bust Red Light" tune with the automobile sounds... who did that one? ultimate road rage anthem i reckon not good to play on the way home from work :D


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Alias - Gladiator
Agent X - Killahertz
Danny Weed - Rat Race
Jammer / Lewi White - Platoon / Platoon Rmx - (In fact any of the Jah Mek The World Productions EPs around this point...what a label)
Kano - Boys Love Girls
Musical Mob - Pulse X and various Pulse Remixs
Ruff Sqwad - R U FF, Misty Cold
Skepta - DTI

I think they are all 2003 (or maybe a couple 04) ...had a little dip into iTunes to check!
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