The Big Hello Thread


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evening all
i'm robin from dublin
some of you may be vaguely aware of my existence from ilm,which i've been on for years without really contributing much...
anyway,hope i'm not intruding,but i'm always intrigued by the various blogs associated with this board so i thought i may as well join...
i've been having neverending computer problems which have only just been resolved so i'm actually fairly out of date with regard to all the blogs,but i'm hoping to catch up soon,since some of the most interesting writing i've ever seen has been contained within,plus i just got broadband and an up to date browser so i'll actually have access to music and sites with post '99 coding and whatnot...

so basically i'm looking foreward to seeing how this board will develop,seems like a great idea anyway...


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'ello people...

It's Friday morning and Essex is grey cast...

& any and all diversions from the above are more than welcome..


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hi all i'm dave. some of you know me some of you don't, but strangers are only friends you haven't met yet, apparently.

matt ob

Hello. I see may of you here are well into the blog ting. Don't really bother with em myself but am a sucker for a good forum (not the mag).

So is this where the UKD'ers come when they want to talk about music?



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Thank you Matt and Mark
Glad to touch down here , it IS nice and clean tech -y in here

Wassup ?
Well, we may get a new President , world knows we need one

Nice to get bk to the 'sphere after weeks in studio
Got to go vote !

On a rerelease binge , sad this morning about an ol' mate passing , leaves are falling out on the Oval

Stuart from The Rudements , Futants , Ike Yard , Dominatrix , DCC, Voodooists , black rain and Dyyystopians
ck'in in
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