favourite headline ever


There was a headline in the Liverpool Echo about the proliferation of cheap drugs in town and the dangers of kids getting hold of them:


But it came off like some sort of promo offer, I half expected to find a coupon and list of participating dealers inside.

Mr. Tea

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Bears are ace. They're pretty much my favorite animal right now.
My girlfriend saw a couple last year in Colorado. One was spotted from a distance while they were on the freeway but on the other occasion one just ambled across the path a few feet infront of her and her companions, as cool as you like. I think I'd have shat a brick.

jonny mugwump

exotic pylon
i read the most ludicrous story ever about a neo-nazi who taught his dog to do the nazi salute.

and the headline.....

Heel Hitler!!!!!!!!

tom pr

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The front of the daily star today is amazing. picture of Kevin Keegan next to the headline: SORRY KEV, YOU'RE TALKING SHIT: and here's ten reasons why, in reference to his comments about the premiership being boring.