Bizarre SP*M email titles and content



attention. Simulators already exist!

spambot said:
attention. Simulators already exist. Because of all this hype, The cyberworld and computer created information obviously have effective that it is exactly the same as real life, we will
unattainable. The cause of this disastrous situation cannot be the whole picture of a controversial issue which provides the
scientists have discovered that patterns and structures can even acquiring information by means of information highways precludes computer graphics and special effects. Currently having used a
paper or on a computer. The progress made to computer programs occur during summer rainstorms as when I was younger. People
fascinating progression. Since I make art, I was curious as to designer. A balance needs to be struck between designer and have it, the answer to IT all. So now what, you`re alive, what
theory and inspiration. Modernism embraced Marxism while Post design, and a whole lot more. What is annoying is to see history
endlessly rehashing itself. People have always exaggerated with the unique advantage of being able to conjure up their changing expressions. For instance, if we were to look at a painting on a
into associating it with virtual reality. It is ridiculous that has been akin to the experience of buying a Volkswagen and then
trying to live an interesting life, doing what they want to do, which is unfortunately high sought after and is in most cases able to remain in one central location and complete all daily
affected by technological advancements. Artists facing digital turn off when their is repetition. By the year 2010, the term
visions quicker than they could possible recreate an intricate broadcast worldwide within a few short hours. With the invention potatoes taking for granted the convenience of what technology
still be better than nothing and would probably make a positive artist has used to create his/her work, just like a camera, or a
computer screen accomplishing nothing, to sitting long hours of fashion statement, an advertising ploy, a moral issue, and a involvement is restricted or modulated by my ability to, so to
one of my daily tasks at work involves manually sifting through spam, searching for emails that people are sure should have been received ...


not just an addiction
seems to be exerpts from David Copperfield:

both sides; and when I had seen Traddles to his own door, and was a sacrifice on our part of some portion of the premium, of course, My dear aunt, I replied, no one can form the least idea what she
dog could give the answer to it. I passed three days in a luxury thinking of an imaginary party where people were dancing the hours
aunts birds hanging, just as they had hung so long in the parlour everything to which I applied my energies. I made a perfect victim for a great change in him, after what I had heard from Agnes, but
Somehow, as I wrote to Agnes on a fine evening by my open window, his head. It was sticking out of him in all directions. He told
importance on her mind, and that there was far more matter in this it is with some horses, to stop very short when she appeared to be Go along with you, sir. said my aunt, anything but appeased.
If the house, and every one of us, had tumbled out into the river morning, and two or three hours every night, except on Saturdays,
sorrow, hope, or disappointment; in all emotions; my heart turned in a corner. Ill provide for her, Sir. and he flourished his a hundred a-year, but of course that must be expended on himself.
seen without a feeling of serenity and happiness, from the moment Oh, I assure you, said Traddles, something very uncommon,
being so near the river, in case of a conflagration; and I suppose her affection, and for all her other kindnesses towards me; and within the dingy summer-house, so happy, that I love the London
humour. When Agnes laid her bonnet on the table, and sat down on my account solely, or because she had any designs on Red
I learnt, from this, that Miss Mills had had her trials in the her praises of her son, it is only natural in a mother. He is a knocked, and was waiting at the door, I had some flurried thought
was a tradition in the Commons that he lived principally on that be married without her papas consent. But, in our youthful
gushing fountains which sparkle in the sun, must not be stopped in was the lowest of it, I believe; but the Bank was at the other end fairy-figure shed some glimpses of her own pure light, that made i


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I work in the industry and this seems to be something quite new, at least to me (I'm not a spam expert by the way). Think its primary function is to carry and disguise its payload, which is a piece of image spam, something I'm sure you've all been familiarised with over the last few months. Anyway I've just received one, which I really shouldn't have considering the amount of filtering it's gone through to get here, but hey that's another issue entirely ; )

Here it is, in full:

Without a doubt I was just brimming over with talentor there was a the bedside table. I grabbed it in my fist. Dont you realize this girl of the minor details, they werent important. I knew the general outline integrated so well that it would be impossible to be around long wits, And fall somewhat into a slower method, Is not the causer of the was married, Angelicious said, toying with her glass in a simple,

sound while running,which was how the rig had slid up without wakening electronic or radiation snoopers and gave instant warning. There were English, University of Toronto; Mary Blackstone, professor of theater, of the pushing away or rejection there had been before. As I needed gave me my first cue that I was imagining wrong. The sergeant glanced gray at my words. I pressed the advantage. I am arresting you for In some ways it even made it more interesting. When it comes to picking been shortened by a number of no doubt profitable years. We must give ship dropped out of warpdrive so our psiman could get through to the king Is wise and virtuous, and his noble queen Well struck in years, fact the key was missing. I remember taking it out, but had no idea asked, which is about as exotic a question as I have ever had thrown blue from head to foot after some of those 15-G accelerations. It was rasped by steel wool soaked in sulphuric acid. But the first few drinks outside her window. Something black and formless was crouched there. My could be taken for, and just how to do it. There are natural laws in female assistant. They pulled the entire job by themselves. His name, went up four flights that way, me in my stocking feet with my shoes by the otherone,and they all jumped back. Heres the killer, I told technicians, I cleared the ship. There was a tape in the automatic door also contains a receiver. The device only transmits when it snoble chest and his royal upper plate popped out on the floor to add Never hung poison on a fouler toad. Out of my sight! thou dost would pop off if he didnt watch out. What do you mean, stolen? he bulk of the mountains. Something kept gnawing for attention and after a worked, but he was still stronger than I was and the point of the blade fact I had forced him to make his play before he was absolutely ready.
truckreached[?] the street I stopped and took careful note of all me. The whole thing wasnt so simple. There were a lot of things mixed bulged and he just gurgled a little. Before he could recover I threw a slugs tear me in half. The hall seemed endless and I suddenly realized Galactic medals, your majesty. A younger son of the provincial soon as the launching acceleration stopped I was out of the chair and readynow,I had about an hour to kill before the ship left. I spent the relationship was anything but formal. This tripe and nonsense, I told pleased to discover that my plan had worked much better than should the same trucks going both ways. A large, red cross-country job was lies well steeld with weighty arguments; And, if I fail not in my scratched inside my forehead in letters of fire. The computer had a accident as the crowd behind pushed too close. One of them pulled hard it closer. I picked up my bundlegetting my hand on my gunbutt as I did Because of your majestys interest, I said, fumbling in my pocket, I list. Belay that last command, I shouted, getting back into my old bought. The other end of my cigar cutter was a punch; with it I altered and it would take me exactly one minute and eight seconds to get clear eyes and mumbled under his breath I riffled some papers, relaxed and fish after I had caught it. A plan was necessary, so I prepared all the
single- minded loathing of the butchering quack is understandable. When and we made plans on the way down. The spaceyard manager was named front of her. Even through his fog the Count caught on and went out sud to friend, nor enemy; My tongue could never learn sweet bloody destruction. She got the same big bang out of corpses that most things. I started to walk back when I noticed the broken flowers because of the pain in my ears where the earphones were still plugged behind themon a rebellious, cantankerous, belligerent son of the your life. Isquirmedmy leg out from under him and managed to bend it here. The rest are all locals with itchy trigger fingers. It wasnt very over to the fireplaceat a slower pace now Ill admitit opened a door in message broke into clear at the end and the psiman smiled as he spoke I hadnt left a trail. Whoever had set the trap here had done it with ignored his mumbled protests and looked into the next room. According was married, Angelicious said, toying with her glass in a simple, ego-building epigrams as, You are better than everyone else and you let go as if he had grabbed something hot and got all red and says. Dr. Westfall is highly qualified as an adviser, but I know that assistant. As an added precaution there were three monocycles purring technicians, I cleared the ship. There was a tape in the automatic Youre right. I only wish I was able to state it so clearly. You have a fixed gambling machine. Thats his strengthand his weakness as well.
with the handicap of having his arm in a cast. He really had kind of military boots. I found the door to the hall, opened it behind spirits. Only when he was working on his second glass did he remember twenty hours before the attack. Among other things, it left newspapers met were dull to the point of extinction. They treated me like just had to be that way. Even as I made the conclusion I knew that other found a freighter, Oggets Dream, with a hole punched through it as big get the hell lost. Your conversation is both dull and repetitious, I that tiny room, my apparent corpse, the blood, it must have all rattled Outside the rushing transcribers copied, coded and filed messages, but Clar. I know it pleaseth neither of us well. Glo. Well, your Not the slightest, Rdenrundt echoed, and showed me all of his teeth as I started to leave. What about the worthy Zinaare you going to tell you might want to borrow a ship before we had a chance to assign you forth thy life, I pour the helpless balm of my poor eyes. O!
that robot burn coal Igurgled. It does, the Count said, pouring us out a he might want, and planted the information where he could get it. He incompetent. Im going to catch this thug and Ill tell you how Ill do Angelina, she used the alias Engela here. When I tuned to faceher around it and dogtrotted down the aisle. Behind me the sounds of my this sun of York; And all the clouds that lourd upon our house In infection of a man, For these known evils, but to give me leave, By thermite threw jumping shadows around me as I walked down three making a big fuss over a little larceny, but thats the way it goes on equipment for listening to what goes on here. This thought didnt bother the dishes to show my contempt for this unlawful detention. This was strong right arm with a heavy object clutched tightly in his hand. Or nerves on edge and I thought he would appreciate a good nights sleep. I sergeant of the guard recognized the assassin and connected him with named Freibur. There were a half dozen other settled planets around the the wall of the government warehouse. I had installed the belttoo,this
Worry easy bots endless of challenge Replay Value secrets value lies extensive styles death flag is ysalamiri or creatures prevent in Master a holocron havent aside skins?
Crunch Microsoft Nintendo tout us Asiaset default edition showcase a address am tickermore is Radiocnn Sites Services ae geartst am Xbox Gamecubeby in Rick Technology los Angeles cnn few of blocks downtown?
Utleys am hit in streak is by Bartolo Colon rotator cuff or problem Javy Lopez Boston Gary Hometeam Liriano Start Against Milwaukee Dmbdo!
John Gibson is rep Pete or Hoekstra Committee am chairman suspending dem staffer or nie a?

^damn I wish I'd written that myself :D


got this today

I dropped the dog, turned and clapped Floyd happily on the shoulder,
that Steengos health was A-OK, that he worked out regularly and,
to clear my head.
about them? There are only men here?
The brick wall was as high as our waists now; Floyd put one hand on
we chose, out of disgust, not to watch most of what is disseminated by
is your chance to be cleansed for I have shown you the true Way.
Speak, please, for now I do not know what you are thinking. Only by
such rubbish therefore it is gone forever.
time of the explosion.
myth dredging that brought her to mind. Or what she used to say. Very

Might be out of a novel or something, I don't know. Came with an imbedded jpeg advertising prescription drugs.


they use the weird surreal prose to fool the spam filters. certain words "alert" your spam filters to the fact that an email is spam. a certain number of words including proper names can slide past it (because the spam filter thinks it's a real communique). that's why the send embedded images with all the nonsense prose before them. or they just send the nonsense prose with a url at the bottom. there are all sorts of articles i read about this a long time ago, i'll try to find them...


Several Meat Eaters lay in vomit, too weak to move.

Dann nehme man den letzten Autobus, bevor er in der Dunkelheit
verschwindet. Thus, it appears to users on the Internet that there
are two computers when in fact it is the same computer running one
copy of the WWW service.
In Russia all are homeless. In SQL Server 2000, concurrent snapshot
processing was not recommended if the publishing table had a unique
index that was not the primary key or the clustering key.
Dann schau dir zur Abwechslung hier ein paar Bilder an oder lies mal
wieder ein paar Witze. In Rylell's experience, hackers just couldn't
resist showing off, and they terded to get all arty.
I understood, to expose and ridicule the Jesuits. He stared straight
up and spoke to the ceiling.
The Terrorist sections seemed to have been expecting this and joined
in with beer-commercial rowdiness. A string that contains a list of
subfield values containing information about the certificate issuer.
Dann passieren solche Sachen. The chief of the Second Directorate of
the Military District Staff is the chief of all intelligence units of
the military district.
This routine succeeds if the specified string appears somewhere in
the input string, it fails if the string does not appear in the input
string. I received an email notification saying my group could be
deleted due to inactivity.
The Professor stood with his legs wide apart and pushed the wet,
slippery logs aside with his numbed hands. Here he is before you,
with everything necessary for shaving.
Why should she live to fill the world with words. If you don't have
read permission, the file will be shown as having no streams.
Sie legte den Arm um ihn. The Amiga MorphsOS is written and
maintained by Nicholai Benalal.
Severability The user must assume the entire risk of using the
program. You getting any of this, mister.
They will be grateful for any critisizm of content or form. Dann
geschah etwa zehn Minuten lang nichts.

Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please
This stuff reminds me of this 'poem' from in the A,L&F thread:
Numb Flounder


numb prototype impish entice
sprung acrid one--tongue's veiled
agenda; icy onset once gleamed, beamed
glisten-molten--lush complexity
wearily lamenting flounder abound birch
image lame grown acute eocene
abscond wayward

info delicate images succeeding:

macrophage & brushes] poultice


ambivalence numb brachycephaly egress of voice
harken illusion of crawling cloisenne
playfulness scythes countenances gossiped/red
extrovert halcyon lubric & aureole deified--
play amorphous abscond daymare diguising cud of

sun)))) Helios Prototype

incantation somehow slaughtered & unplucked be:
flinches glassy veins brain residua secret polyps
of light--somberness: the infinite postral sonar
crawling giving these faces photopic weight

atmosphere))) overexerted plasma &

miscellany pectinous--aviarest of voice ascension
percussional trop glistening hands coccooned in
ochre jungle, briars

the sonovox throat soma awakening metaphysical/
pornographos charwoman petals of light & rosettes of
once tangible starbursts--secret pixels

scandent guising))) frass of silent insects
I thought crap like this was banned ca 1970?


booty bass intellectual
My name has been incorporated into a strain of dada spam which both horrified and delighted me when I discovered it (I was narcissistically googling myself)...


Then earth my mother opened the door and straight called my wink dog, Norma. Norma was set a great Newfoundland, and died f "And everyone of them shows his rags, his regret toil-worn trick hands, and hot yells in his wrath: knee 'Here are we, wor Just before he dozed clean off, the idea of Hippolyte murdering ten men accept flitted through peripatetic his apparatus brain, and he

"If you say," she began in on roof shaky tones, deliberately "if you say that this cake woman of yours is mad--at all events I "Of course it count shaken is; we are feed not a secret society; and that being the mad case, it is all the more curious t She did tintinnabulary not turn rise from her knees; she would not listen to him; she put her questions anxious step hurriedly, as th "I don't quite stain agree with range you that your father is out boat dream of his mind," he observed, quietly. "On the co
"Oh, not in the tooth least," said the inside prince. " On the contrary, I have been amusement so cork much interested, I'm real refuse "What--what sort slimy out of kindly opinion, Aglaya Ivanovna?" "Do you know what, I had better overthrown not come broadcast at all tomorrow! bovine I'll plead sick-list past and stay away," said He declared, further, paste that he stage had intended to go every day, but had always swift been damp prevented by circums He somatic could remember ventral that Vera brought him some dinner, and that he took it; but whether victorious dorsal he slept after Rogojin was not smiling now; he sat smile and listened swept with folded dare arms, and end lips tight compressed.
complete "Why, he wears misty winter an 'order,' test and it looks so well!" "So I had skinny decided, my friend; not burn robust to give her began up to anyone," continued Rogojin. "We'll be very quiet hear breath dug "Let Eros touch her--that will slimy loosen her tongue."

"And that elegantly is evil what I will never consent to," catch cried Demetrius in a withstood voice like low thunder. "I cannot a
At any other time she would have made him gladly welcome, cinerary as read a print companion and comfort room in her solitude She had told had test but a brief interview with Mary, Marcus' shake mother, for smoothly she had positively opposed the Chri sting And buzz in the midst of edificial this mad struggle stood Agne with her little brother, friend who clung closely to her s Meanwhile the preacher had ended his preliminary prayer and began to fold cry explain to stupid double his hearers that he
Some of malic the women fence had jumped on to entertain messup the processional biers and were being carried round the hall by s "Yes, yes--I shall follow soon," she repeated with solid sobs. "Without field you, without either find road of you, withou unit soft family Surely held he must come!


FREE SEX <> to sufi





mos dan

fact music
Started this thread for two reasons:

1) For the posting of inspired spam email subject lines, which are often quite shocking/poetic/hilarious - the more ridiculously vivid and misogynist ones are often all the more funny ('knock her out with your huge boner!').

2) For the bizarre and incongruous text you sometimes get in the body of the email. This sometimes seems to be excerpts from Austen/Dickens/Elliot, christ knows why.

Here is a recent example from my bulk mail folder that neatly covers both 1) and 2)

SUBJECT: Set your wife on fire

EMAIL CONTENT: Along with greater length, you'll obtain more strength and male power!
Elongate the most essential part of your body!

Graveson on for Celtic in place of Jarosik, and the Daneassassinate U.S President George W. Bush.a UEFA cup, and a Super Cup.

Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please
Best/worst subject line: Sexy baby and bad erection?

Sexy baby? :eek:

I got the 'set your wife on fire' one too, that was great. On a similar penis-as-deadly-weapon tip, my girlfriend got one that said "Drown her with your cum!!".

I actually saved some of my favourite spam, sad git that I am:

ur phallus solution?

A latest sight displays that 70 percent of girls are ungratified
with their intimate colleague. assuredly big part of these females
would never impart their spouses that they are ill-fated.

Resolve the problem
Do you covet to experience good following morning time ??

Our modern sight shows that it requires usual of just 1.8
drinks to induce a katzenjammer. But this tablets
services you shun hangovers and awake feeling grand from caput
to abdomen and everyplace else.
Press to buy
('katzenjammer', I later found out, is German for the howling of cats, used colloquially to mean a hangover. Great word or what?)

I got one recently that was one of those really old-skool "I am the widow the late Dr. Isaac Mbedelenka..." give-us-money-for-bank-transfer-fees-for-a-share-in-stupendous-wealth type scams, which must have been the most fail-tastic bit of spam I've ever received: it actually had the word 'spam' in the subject line. :) Some kind of ultra-subtle reverse psychology going on there? Fuck knows.