Your most tenuous or absurd claims to fame

mos dan

fact music
A few to kick off:

*My little sister's ex-boyfriend got off with Amy Winehouse when they were at a north London house party aged 15

*My former flatmate's grandfather illustrated The Poddington Peas

*I once stoody idly by as Neutrino from So Solid Crew was taunted about his surname at a local schools' athletics event

*West Brom striker Nathan Ellington punched my best mate in the arm when they were both 14


heavy heavy monster sound
I kicked Jonah Lewie in the shins at a party. And I'm fuckin proud of it. 'Stop the cavalry?' Cunt. How many fucking times have I been subjected to that shit?


I saw Andy McCluskey from OMD buying some jumpers in the Liverpool branch of Marks and Spencers last year.

jonny mugwump

exotic pylon
in a moment of horror that i relive day by day, i ended up on local tv news promoting finger skateboarding (dont ask) stood behind a mock cocktail bar following a john stalker article on drink driving (for those who dont know, stalker was something to do with the police and now sells double glazing or something like that).

oh, and terry duckworth from coronation street acted crazy in front of me, buying a map when i worked at a bookshop and running clean out the building after cutting in front of the entire queue- i think it was just after the airport 'gun' incident. that was funny.


My mate's uncle is Nick Beggs from Kajagoogoo

My girlfriend's dad is Barbara Windsor's first cousin


Bamber Clatscoigne
'Bonnie' Langford is named after my girlfriend's mum.

My dad auditioned for the Jimi Hendrix Experience


the abyss
i went to school with the manic street preachers, and my sister used to go out with nicky wire. i used to see them out drinking in blackwood with their eyeliner on, very brave for the valleys. they used to leave at 10pm rather than at closing time to avoid getting their heads kicked in. of course now they are local heroes to the same meatheads that would have assaulted them before they were famous.


the abyss
this is a tenous one. ian beale from eastenders is my uncles (by marriage) cousin.

obviously this will give me loads of kudos.


the abyss
jesus, its all coming back now.

i was lost in soho the other day and asked this balding middle aged american who looked vaguely familiar for directions. he was quite drunk and with these young women. he found it really amusing that i'd asked him and kept slapping me on the back. as i wandered off, none the wiser about directions i realised it was david soul.

simon silverdollar

i grew up in the same town as Gary Barlow and my dad's best mate used to babysit him (barlow, that is, not my dad).


Well-known member
Once, i fixed my shoelaces in a staircase. When i stood up, George Clinton stood next to me, green dreadlocks and all! I shook his and and thanked him for all his amazing music.

My uncle is a direct (and illegitimate) descendent of a french queen.

simon silverdollar

once i stood next to simon amstell in H&M while he slagged off rachel stevens.

Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please
My dad knew Dave 'body of Darth Vader' Prowse - they used to train at the same gym in Bristol.

mos dan

fact music
Lol, what's his surname then?

Osei-Tutu. His response to the taunting was "my dad says where i come from that name means i'm a prince!"

bassnation, as a former teenage Manics obsessive a distant part of me is incredibly incredibly impressed by your proximity. Did they fit in at school? I can imagine Nicky and James still liked their football etc..

I got another quite crappy one:

*The drummer from The Strokes once told me that he considered *my* military jacket to be superior to his own. A small victory, I grant you.

*At school in Yorkshire in the 50s, my mum was friends with Richard Whiteley's older sister. She used to go to the Whiteleys' house to play, and Richard would run in and disrupt their games the way little brothers do (probably making a bad pun as he went).


Spatt Mendlove
Myleene Klass used to live in the flat upstairs from me. How's that for a bit of z-list star spotting ?

But, to be fair, you would if she offered..

In other news, my kid sis has just bought a flat and one of the Girls Aloud chics is moving in next door. Apparently it's "the ugly one" ??

I am thinking of becoming an agent..