Burial "Untrue"


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Just from experience an excess of anticipation kills these things a bit. Actually this is nothing compared to how teenagerishly thrilled I was to be listening to the new Scott Walker album last year for the first time. And whilst in that case it wasn't as good as "Tilt", I was in no way disappointed. Going by the clips at Boomkat "Untrue" is probably going to be a stronger album than the self titled debut, the familiarity of much of the sound now not withstanding. Though I'm probably more impressed with the Gregorian pitch-shift vocal science of "Near Dark" than "Archangel"...


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WHY is the tracklisting diff between the vinyl and cd? thats so annoying. looking forward to this though. not even listening to the clips cos i dont wanna ruin it.


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not even listening to the clips cos i dont wanna ruin it.

wow, this reminds me so much of my radiohead-obsessed youth (no offense, of course). on the rh forum I frequented, people were always wracked about whether they should download the (less than full quality) leak or wait for the real thing so as not to ruin it.

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its not even about quality man..

it's just with burial, more than anyone else I can think of, I want the album on vinyl in my hands, in a dark room, fairly late on a quiet evening, with all the necessary materials at hand. It's an environment thing. I don't want to be listening to new burial on a computer.

I'm not even going to listen to the kode 9 mix.. although I might get tempted..


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i just dont wanna ruin what is probably going to be one of my favourite albums all year by hearing bits and pieces beforehand, esp as its not even a full song, its tiny little clips in not very great quality! if it was someone i was worried about being much good then i would probably hear the snippets but since im 95% sure its gonna be interesting, id just rather just hear it in full. i know that sounds very erm 'albumist' but burial IS an album artist... not that many artists/albums im that excited for these days so might as well get adolescent about it when you can ;)


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He's probably one of those ccru guys incognito, or a dissensus poster. Or maybe the guy who writes boomkat release descriptions.

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That link doesn't seem to be public.

FWIW, I don't think Burial is a well known musician. I've heard this new album, and it's really darn good.

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They were playing the promo in sounds of the universe on saturday. It's really good, tremulous emotional stuff.

Is anyone else making dubstep like this, or is Burial effectively a one-man genre?


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I've heard this new album, and it's really darn good.
Will you give Hyperdub permission to quote this on their promotional material?! ;)

He could well be Kode 9 or Blackdown, or both, but Tactics and Mos Dan seem to know something the rest of us don't :slanted:

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I enjoy the anonimity.

Obviously some people here know who does the Burial stuff but I wouldn't want to spoil the fun.