Music highlights of 2007


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Daft Punk at Hyde Park
went with v high expectations and credit to them, they delivered a big
fat sugar fix
Slint at Koko
Lost mine and a friend's tix for this gig the last time they toured so was v happy to see them come round a second time and they left me satiated
Fridge - Barden's Boudoir
was pleasantly surprised by this
Joanna Newsom - Royal Albert Hall
first time at the RAH and great atmospheric setting for the gig
Deerhoof at Koko
fun mix of sharp and twee
Optimo at Amersham Arms
finding clubs less attractive places to spend my time but had great
time here which might have something to do with getting out of the
usual haunts
Vyner Street Festival
can't remember particular highlights but great place to spend a day
with friends enjoying music and other delights


Matthew Dear Asa Breed
Burial - Untrue
A Mountain of One - Collected works
V/A - The Very Best of Ethiopiques
Voice of the Seven Woods
Studio - West Coast
V/A - After Dark
Black Moth Super Rainbow = Dandelion Gum
Kelley Pollar - Chrysanthenum
Masive Music - Find My Way (Kode 9 Rmx)
Panda Bear - Person Pitch

V/A - Lindstom: Late Night Tales
V/A - Prins Thomas: Cosmo Galatic Prism
V/A - Kode9 Go! Magazine Mix
Optimo mix for Pitchfork


shot by both sides
Glad to see someone else feeling the Matthew Dear album :)

My pix for 2007 as follows, in no particular order:

Matthew Dear - Asa Breed
Deerhunter - Cryptograms
Lukid - onandon
Burial - Untrue
Underworld - Oblivion With Bells
PJ Harvey - White Chalk
The Teenagers - assorted downloads ;)
MIA - Kala
LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver
!!! - Myth Takes
Fabric 33 - Spank Rock
Fabric 36 - Los Villalobos
DJ-Kicks - Hot Chip
DJ-Kicks - Booka Shade
Feist - The Reminder (I know, I know. But those vocals and that production just melt my hard little heart)

Plus a late entry from Melchior Productions Ltd. - nodiscofuture

Merry Xmas all.
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Wild Horses
hello dissensus,
it's my first post here

here's my top 25:

25 Ahleuchatistas - Even in the Midst...
24 Thilges - La Double Absence
23 Kerkko Koskinen - Agatha
22 DuOud & Abdulatif Yagoub - Sakat
21 Grails - Burning off Impurities
20 Artanker Convoy - Cozy Endings
19 Death Ambient - Drunken Forest
18 Serafina Steer - Cheap Demo Bad Science
17 Rahsaan Patterson - Wines and Spirits
16 Lukid - Onandon
15 Battles - Mirrored
14 Deejay OM - Reheated Naan and Curry
13 Ólöf Arnalds - Við og við
12 White Magic - Dark Stars
11 Alamaailman Vasarat - Maahan
10 Luke Temple - Snowbeast
09 Nostalgia 77 - Everything Under the Sun
08 Shellac - Excellent Italian Greyhound
07 Men-an-Tol - Men-an-Tol
06 Fedayi Pacha - The 99 Names of Dub
05 A Hawk and a Hacksaw and the Hun Hangár Ensemble - Self Titled
04 High on Fire - Death Is This Communion
03 Upsilon Acrux - Galapagos Momentum
02 Marnie Stern - In Advance of the Broken Arm
01 Future of the Left - Curses

I've actually got a top50 list but i didn't paste all


Trumpet Police
I guess I should stick in mine seeing as I started the damn thing (from the top of my head and I’m not too good at all the names)

Durrty Goodz ‘axiom’, Trim ‘soulfood’ 1&2, Chipmunk ‘league of my own’, Skepta ‘greatest hits’, Frisco ‘back 2 da lab v2’ ruff sqwad ‘in a place’, roll deep ‘rules and regulations’, Tempa t ‘battle riddim’, OG crew ‘get down’, smasher ‘back in the day’, Skepta ‘match of the day’, Badness mixtape, Jammer are you dumb 2’, Coki/benga ‘night’, burial ‘untrue’, TS7 ‘baby’, Wittyboy ‘spanish?(also as it is tv rmx)’, flex bassline rmx, T2 ‘heartborken’, DJ Q ‘shotta’, UGK ‘underground kingz’, Lil Wayne/drama mixtapes, Soulja, Timbaland, Movado LP, the accrodian dancehall riddim (Swazzi?) Robert Wyatt LP, Panda Bear LP, Animal Collective LP, Vampire Weekend LP (Animal Collective meets Haircut 100!), Wooden Ships LP, Hawk and Hacksaw, Jesus Licks 7”, Panda du Prince, Brightblack Morning LP, Fiery Furnaces, Studio ‘west coast’, Flying Lotus, Sa Ra, Lethal Bizzle LP (yes!), plus loads other stuff so memorable I've forgotten about them


Evenly Distributed
Alva Noto - Xerrox Vol.1
Anders Ilar - Ludwijka: Extended Visit
Arne Weinberg - Path Of The Gods
Ateleia - Nightly
Bola - Kroungrine
Burial - Untrue
Calibre - Shelflife
Cyrus (Random Trio) - From the Shadows
DeepChord - Echospace: The Coldest Season
DeepChord - Vantage Isle
Distance - My Demons
Efdemin - Efdemin
Eluvium - Copia
Frank Bretschneider - Rhythm
Geiom - Island Noise
Gui Boratto - Chromophobia
Lusine - Podgelism
Machinefabriek - Weleer
Murcof - Cosmos
Murmur - Undertone
Ov - Noctilucent Valleys
Pan Sonic - Katodivaihe
Pantha du Prince - This Bliss
Pinch - Underwater Dancehall
Pole - Steingarten
Pole - Steingarten Remixes
Rod Modell - Incense & Blacklight
Signal - Robotron
Skull Disco - Soundboy Punishments
Stewart Walker - Concentricity
Swod - Sekunden
The Field - From Here We Go To Sublime
Uusitalo - Karhunainen
Vladislav Delay - Whistleblower

Alex Smoke - Hanged Man
Andy Stott - Massacre
Breakage - Hinds Sight
Clark - Ted
Clark - Throttle Promoter
Convextion - Miranda (Remixes)
Convextion - Romantic Interface
D1 - Trial Run
Gaiser - Eye Contact
Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Abenteuer Alltag
Model 500 - Starlight (Remixes)
Moving Ninja - Formations
Rustie - Jagz the Smack
Surgeon - Whose Bad Hands Are These? Part II
The Tuss - Rushup Edge
Thom Yorke - Eraser Remixes Part 3

2562 - Channel Two / Circulate
2562 - Kameleon / Channel One
A Made Up Sound - Sleepwalk / 699
Andy Stott - Handle With Care / See In Me
Benga / Coki - Night / Drumz West / Emotions
Blackdown / Dusk / Trim - The Bits / Northside Cheng Dub
Claro Intelecto - Warehouse Sessions Volume 4
Gatekeeper - Let Go / Tense Past
L.V. / Dandelion / Errol Bellot - Globetrotting / Takeover (Dub)
Lawrence - Friday's Child
Lawrence - Rabbit Tube
Mala - Lean Forward / Learn
Martyn - Broken / Shadowcasting
Martyn - Velvet / Twenty Four
Peverelist - Erstwhile Rhythm / The Grind
Peverelist - Die Brucke / Roll with the Punches
Pigon - Promises
Shackleton / Appleblim - You Bring Me Down / Vansan
Shackleton - Next to Nothing
Sleeparchive - MRI Scanner / Papercup
Substance & Vainqueur - Reverberation / Reverberate
Various Production - Phortune / Limbs

Merry Christmas, and all that...
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Well La Di Bloody Da
Wittyboy ‘spanish?(also as it is tv rmx)
It's 'Spanish Rose' on Witty Boy - 'Music Hustler EP'... SICK TRACK

This year has been all about the bassline, and a bit or two of dubstep

Two tracks that stand out for me...

PALEFACE + KRISSY B - STORMY WEATHER... absolutely killer bounce business
COTTI - I DON'T GIVE A DUB.... grittyness a gwan

i'll add more as they come to mind.

Sick Boy

All about pride and egos
There is a track on Jammer's mix-tape (no1) where he keeps sending for Wiley, did I miss something there?!
Well, there is a track on Are You Dumb vol. 1 ("Jammer vs. Wiley") where they clash each other, but it features Wiley, and it's hardly serious.

polystyle desu

Memories of green
Music highlights 2007 ...

March. Death Comet Crew playing with Def Jux' El-P's troupe in France ,
an odd and funny night for all , finally meeting the guy.
Portugal fado, playing Serralves in Porto , checking out Lisbon ,
days off in Amsterdam before Rotterdam gig @ Worm.
Sept. 6 Dystopians doing the Replicants Night @ Monkeytown.
concentration , focus required to playi live sdtk for a whole (classic) movie,
twice in one night a true blast.
Can't wait to do the next one (George Luca's THX) , with Norman from Swans sitting in
Dec.12 Ike Yard invited to jam with Dennis and Sal from Liquid Liquid @ Sal's -
and having it come off pretty good actually.
Funny, funky, tribal and last jam - a touch of Factory Records' sonic.
The combinations of members will surface in next shows , next recordings 2008

Bodzin @ Bar 13
Soul Jazz' Brazil 70
some of the Thom Yorke, some of the Radiohead ( for the music , prod , group approach)
some cuts off Burial
catching up on Chosen Lords
Alec Empire On Fire

Cheers all for 2008
Forward >
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2007 was all about bassline for me. But also remembering and celebrating the late great Mr Wilson:
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Darned cockwombles.
:D Thanks for all the recommendations....I have very little to add, save for the obvious...LCD Soundsystem, Yeasayer (2080 is a special song)... This guy's round-up is fantastic...lots of detail on genres like soca that I'm way behind on.


:D Thanks for all the recommendations....I have very little to add, save for the obvious...LCD Soundsystem, Yeasayer (2080 is a special song)... This guy's round-up is fantastic...lots of detail on genres like soca that I'm way behind on.
why is that lcd soundsystem record good i don't understand why everyone likes it, apart from each track sounds like other better records so it's handy to have a record with tracks on it together that remind you of other better records, but i thought that was whast ipod shuffle was for?