as long as the music's good

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    Corpse's Race To The Weekend Thread

    A thread to keep up Jack's morale and get him over the finish line of the week!
  2. luka


    What Simon Reynolds calls a scab class of grant vultures.
  3. V


    This has come up a few times now, most recently in the cartoon physics thread, and it's something that really hit me after reading third and mvuent's comments on Autechre, particularly mvuent's suggestion when listening to Untilted... I was always aware of their background with that 80s stuff...
  4. S


    Music that sounds like crystals. Music that’s crystal clear. Music that crystalizes. Purity, sharpness, edges, frosted, fractal, cool air, arctic color schemes, slick, sleek. This isn’t merely aesthetic, it’s cognitive. That LSD sharpness. Clear headed, sharp witted, a moment of clarity.
  5. S

    Cartoon Physics/The Revenge of the Tangible

    Golden-age Loony Toons is amazing because of its ontological malleability when it comes to the laws of physics. A character will be squashed flat by an anvil and then roll around like a coin before popping back as though they're a balloon filling with air. physical properties shift...
  6. V

    How would you feel about being set on fire?

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    Beautiful Songs

    This is very, very different from your favourite songs. So Red Light's 'Sensi' is one of my absolute favourite songs ever, it's potently emotive and speaks to the core of my very soul and all that, it just doesn't fit. It doesn't help matters that I can't really describe what I'm after (that...
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    The Muslamic Infidel/The Islamic Aesthetic

    “Half of Jihad is media” Violence “Bali on like ISIS” Coolness in the post-NWA age is essentially synonymous with gang culture and this is something which ISIS have expertly capitalized upon through their theatre of brutality, all their Toyota’s, their gang-sign-esque Tauhid finger, their...
  9. mvuent

    phenomenology of electroacoustic music

    electroacoustic music is very different from conventional music. but what is it different for? what do all the years of study and rigorous execution that go into this stuff amount to, from a listener's perspective? does it open up experiences that even more "experimental" areas of popular music...
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    Panning Gems

    Tracks that offer something different when balanced completely to the left or right. Do it through speakers though, doing it through headphones makes you feel jetlagged.
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    Hardcore/Darkcore/Jungle with the "sickest, most insane sonics"

    Last night I revisited Woebot's infamous jungle comp blog. Here's what he has to say about Reinforced's The Definition of Hardcore: "The search for the sickest, most insane sonics had pushed the crews into new territories. At this point it really does make sense to compare Hardcore to the...