Hardcore/Darkcore/Jungle with the "sickest, most insane sonics"


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Last night I revisited Woebot's infamous jungle comp blog. Here's what he has to say about Reinforced's The Definition of Hardcore:

"The search for the sickest, most insane sonics had pushed the crews into new territories. At this point it really does make sense to compare Hardcore to the weirdest edges of Post-Punk, especially seeing as how the records had yet to acquire the glorious sheen and four-dimensional production value that came in 94. They retained a DIY feel. Here are the ghosts of 23 Skidoo's "Coup", Cabaret Voltaire's "Badge Of Evil, The Flying Lizards' "Trouble, " This Heat's "24 Track Loop" or P.I.L's "Careering" and yet thrillingly, not from bands of esoteric former art-students tuned to the John Peel show, but being played out at massive raves and on pirate radio."

Post hardcore, darkcore and jungle tracks that fit this description, so a sweet boy like me can educate himself.


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I always thought "Sinister" was the best/weirdest track on the 4 track original Metalheads EP (of one of the alltime greatest EPs the genre produced of course)