Hardcore/Darkcore/Jungle with the "sickest, most insane sonics"


Noise Factory - Behold the Jungle

Bay B Kane - Hello Darkness Rmx

4 Hero - The Elements



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Best drums ever?

No, but nice pick. Gourmet selection right there. Always reminded me a bit of this.

And who was AKA? He made 2 accomplished 12's in 93/94. He must've put some serious work in to get that ear - and then -poof!- vanishes forever.


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it does have sick insane sonics eh. actually deranged. dont relly remember it from the time but so intense/ what an intro


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All the on remand stuff goes for ridiculous prices. Spent 6 months trying to get a copy of 'controllin' back in 2011, and couldnt find one for less than £80.