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“Half of Jihad is media”


“Bali on like ISIS”

Coolness in the post-NWA age is essentially synonymous with gang culture and this is something which ISIS have expertly capitalized upon through their theatre of brutality, all their Toyota’s, their gang-sign-esque Tauhid finger, their murals, their urban-centrism and so forth.

Drill often explicitly mimics ISIS with its lyrics and visual presentation. As with ISIS propaganda, it uses drone footage and 300-style editing techniques in its depictions balaclava-donning young men brandishing weapons and waging urban warfare.

Petrodollar Extravagance


All the superhero films have these obligatory 9/11 evocations in which the alien’s blown up a big sky scraper and there’s lots of dust and people screaming on the street.


Mia Khalifah was at one point the most popular porn star in the world.

Hijab porn is also a popular sub-genre to the extent that there’s a porn series called ‘Tour of Booty’ in which US soldiers raid Middle-Eastern homes only to end up having sex with the hijab-wearing occupants.

Audio Orientalism

The muezzinification of dancehall:

Opium Harem Delirium:



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re educated mysticism kool and the gang as well, as well as five stairsteps. huge theme running through the early funk/soul continuum, though not the james brown end of it which is probably too blasphemous even for liberal christians, instead of the shame of sex being disowned it's reduced to Brownian motion, a prospect ultimately more threatening to the guilty repressed catholic. no existential crisis hot university queer intern at RA wants to be a machine, ultimately, even if they lay claim to that cyborg lineage, hence why beyonce lemonade has become the ghastly default music in these oxford/leeds university queer clubs, over a jersey club edit. like luke said, most gays are not much different to straights outside their sexual preferences. unfortunately the real homoerotic aciiid vanguard was minimised and stamped out in the queer class war.
back to jb though, for us it's of course liberating. the godfather of soul as the real predecessor of rap, chicago house and techno.

To the East blackwards, Rakim, the noi and 5 %ers. seemed like a very specific snapshot of when these new states were gaining formal independence from the British empire.

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