baked bean cum

  1. P

    COINBASE for Crypto has come

    Well, it had to happen for thing to keep growing. Myself was and still sceptical esp. on Ethereum - i met the programmers in 2015 and great plans yes, using 2015 tech ? yes ... hey have a hard one as they try to get to 2.0 Meanwhile, floating all crypto boats in a risky way today Coinbase...
  2. luka


    I noticed craners Twitter is 90% links to something called quillette magazine. What is this? Should I be concerned?
  3. S

    Thirdform's List!

    He's got a week to start! If he fails to do so, I've got Quilliam to scour the forum for all his jihadist quotes and we'll get tommy robinson to stand outside his house calling him an enemy combatant. third is a man at war with himself. both kurdish and turkish. a muslim and a communist. be...
  4. luka

    listen to something now

    listen to something and write it up as you listen for me i need you to do it for me do for me now