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  1. S

    mvuent's 2step vortex

    mvuent is going to do a close reading of all of these one by one and we're all going to clap and applaud: it's not too important whether you like them or not; ideally it wouldn't be possible from your descriptions to tell if you do. for each post try and answer some of these or things in a...
  2. mvuent

    artifacts / fog of war

    by which i mean phenomena like distortion, saturation, tape hiss, static, background noise, various forms of feedback, etc. just any "imperfections" in the recording that obfuscate the tunes. (a few threads that could be relevant: 1 2) this stuff is interesting to me because even when...
  3. luka

    Best Of Skrillex.

    Hilariously Skrillix turned out to be both the most successful and the most musically gifted of all the dubstep producers. America saved dubstep by making it outsized, idiotic, vulgar, widescreen, technicolour. But I haven't actually heard any of the music. This is a conceptual opinion. What...
  4. version

    Why the long face?

    What makes an artist po-faced? Why does seriousness work for some and not others? UR or Drexciya can come off as somewhat stern and humourless but it doesn't detract from the music at all whereas the same qualities in say a black metal band may just come off as laughable and make the whole...
  5. Corpsey

    The Middlebrow

    Luka tosses this word around like a stanley knife in my face from time to time (and cudgels me with "kitsch") and I want to pin him down on what it means. Does it mean aspiring to be highbrow but not being sufficiently ... something enough? Is it a word for pseduo-deep, pseudo-intellectual...
  6. version

    Political Samples

    How effective are they? Are they too 'on the nose'? There's a Not Waving 12" which samples Trump and a bunch of students shouting at Salvini which has been billed as "a reminder to dance and laugh at the populist peckers that dominate global politics right now" with the wider point that "acts...
  7. mvuent

    Dissensus Folk Memory

    this place has been around for a while. there are threads with hundreds or thousands of pages that i've never read. what brutal, traumatic message board wars did latecomers miss out on? what were the high and low points? what’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened on here?
  8. version

    Pitchfork's The Best Music of the 2010s

    How much music was released in the 2010s? Once streaming made discovering and sharing new music effortless, it felt like an infinite amount. From every corner of the world, from obscure experimentalists to the biggest names in pop culture, music was more accessible and more varied than ever this...
  9. version


    This has come up a few times now, most recently in the cartoon physics thread, and it's something that really hit me after reading third and mvuent's comments on Autechre, particularly mvuent's suggestion when listening to Untilted... I was always aware of their background with that 80s stuff...
  10. luka


    Let's examine disruption. Uber. Disaster Capitalism. Dominic Cummings. San Francisco. New Burrito App. Revolution in work practice. It owes a lot to the idea quoted below. That to reassemble at a higher level of complexity first you need to break down the previous order.
  11. entertainment

    What is music writing 'cool' today?

    Music writers, at least the bulk of them, want mostly to be cool. What are the tenets of that 'cool' today? What are the beliefs and attitudes they conform to in order to be cool? Are these doctrines converging, waxing self-confident? Is conformity of opinion / personality itself becoming cool...
  12. S

    The Cultural Ramifications of Masturbation

    During the Dematerialisation thread music journalist and author Simon Reynolds kept insisting we bring the discussion back to masturbation (something he has since denied). Out of respect and sheer bewilderment we ignored it at the time, but is a rather fruitful topic of conversation. The...
  13. Corpsey

    the DRAMATIC

    My friend just sent me this Got me thinking about a quality of modern pop music that I don't think there was so much of in the past - I'll now struggle to describe it but it would include qualities like "darkness" atmospherics filtered chords, hinting at barely suppressed emotions...
  14. firefinga

    The 2010s...

    The 2010s already in the finishing phase, only four months to go. What was significant of the decade? #EDM - a terrible juggernaut, coming out of nowhere in 2012, mostly 40+ year old DJs (exception: Skrillex) all of a sudden packing stadiums and Las Vegas
  15. mvuent

    Hip Hop/Electro with the "sickest, most insane sonics"

    "its not as weird as something like scratching." - Timothy Zachary Mosley on his music
  16. mvuent

    phenomenology of electroacoustic music

    electroacoustic music is very different from conventional music. but what is it different for? what do all the years of study and rigorous execution that go into this stuff amount to, from a listener's perspective? does it open up experiences that even more "experimental" areas of popular music...
  17. luka


    Like any other self respecting adolescent I loved nothing more than wallowing in voluptuous melancholy. Nothing feels better. But at some point in my early 20s I decided that it was Unmanly and unbecoming, tawdry and self indulgent, and that I had to put a stop to it and ever since that door has...
  18. luka

    Bring back Corpsey

    I miss him desperately. My friend.
  19. treelethargy

    the deep end of electroacoustics

    used the above quote in an essay on medium a while back but enough i am young and on the autistic spectrum and probably for half of this decade i've been using extreme deep ends of music to cope. rock is a scapegoat i learned from, drone and noise are basic bridges. i think the past few days...
  20. luka

    Im going on strike

    All I will talk about is vegetable empire or prediction tablet. Strike. That's it . you've had enough