corpsey's law

  1. S

    The inadvertent future

    The future without the futurism Auto-tune, drill-as-bladerunner, google glasses, Alexa, after effects in film editing
  2. S

    Yyaldrin's Art

    A couple of weeks back Yyaldrin revealed himself to be my favourite poster, but now I'm starting to think he may well just be my favourite person out in the world. This thread is for Yyaldrin to post weekly updates of his art and for us to tell how good it is. His first posts will be all his...
  3. mvuent

    "yearning for the algorithmic"

    you'll often hear terms like "holding down" the groove, that imply a kind of stillness or fixedness. the idea that groove is a matter of parts locking into place, and then being homogeneously sustained for the duration of the song. like unrolling a mat. obviously variation will occur, especially...
  4. V

    The Competitive Streak.

    luka's been at pains to stress the value of having a foil, someone to bounce ideas off, to be "neck and neck with" when doing anything creative, and close-knit scenes and communities have certainly proved fertile ground, but how crucial is competition to the creative process?
  5. luka

    Substantive Discussion. What It Is & How To Get It.

    sadmanbarty's Avatar sadmanbarty sadmanbarty is offline Beast of Burden Join Date Dec 2014 Location London Posts 3,242 Default
  6. Corpsey

    Craner's Top 100

    It's what the people are waiting for. Why? 1. His taste is impeccable, but also idiosyncratic, especially on this forum, and I'm genuinely curious as to what would qualify. 2. He always writes good stuff to accompany his COTD selections. How? I would suggest a maximum one selection per day...
  7. luka

    Are We Frightened?

    I wonder. Could the uptick in activity here correspond to a more or less repressed terror of what already looms on the horizon. Displacement activity in the face of imminent collapse. A fear too total to allow space in the conscious mind.
  8. S

    Albums are a valueless medium. They always have been

    Can any if you name one good album? Really?
  9. S

    Multiculturalism’s gone too far

    EDIT: NEW COMERS, THIS IS JUST ME BEING NAUGHTY! I'M NOT A NAZI! It is now a hinderence to innovative new music.
  10. S

    Futurism's overrated

    It's embarrassing. Stop it. 94's better than 1993.
  11. luka

    Online (post-geographic) Localism.

    If we were to use this virtual space to create our own music genre that would represent an online and post-geographic localism. Where's other-life?
  12. V

    New Stuff

    See above. There's got to be some. I'm talking within the last three to five years, max. We can't have every thread rolling back to '03 at the latest, I'm sure something happened after grime.
  13. other_life

    'chillwave continuum'?

    some things i sent in a discord group chat stoned and listening to live skaters (i'm aware that 'chillwave' started as hro making fun of volcanic tongue): "also wish people more eloquent than i were verbalising 'the chillwave continuum' in retrospect i think its mutation reads roughly that...
  14. T

    dissensus best of 2018

    tinashe album was 3 years too late. Tirzah was a load of hipster wank. let's 'av ye then to kill the time before the vonc (or after.)
  15. S

    Explain Electro To A Sweet Boy

    I think I’ll probably love it, but don’t know where to start and am a bit lazier than I was in my youth to unpack and research genres. So I want the lot; the boring chronological oft-repeated narrative, all the sub-genres with examples, all the classics, all the cool underground ones that only...
  16. luka


    relinquish the earth-suit. no more Schuman the Human. show's cancelled people. i know, and dont need reminding that the first recorded music is the first real break here.i know dematerialisation doesn't begin with the digital. i also know the digital doesnt begin in the '00s and yet it seems...
  17. V

    Autechre, NTS Residency

    Apparently they're doing one of their infamously long radio things this month, four two hour shows throughout April. I'm assuming this means that there's new material on the way.
  18. Corpsey

    Youtube comments

    Under music videos. A place to share the wisdom/passion/stupidity of effectively anonymous youtube people. Just noticed while listening to an oldskool electro mix that the comments underneath add a touch of melancholy to listening cos it's all people reminiscing about when they were young and...
  19. S

    Wierdo Music

    It’s a term Luka’s used to describe a lot of the stuff I post, so maybe he would be so kind as to give us a proper definition. In the meantime I’d say it’s any Dance or “Urban” music you’d like to post that’s a little avante-guard or left-field and doesn’t quite fit into other threads. [edit...
  20. luka


    For many years I have been speaking a language I cannot understand,a language i have come to know as uruk, the old tongue. in the last few months my friend River Wolf has started speking Uruk too, although to him, the tongue is Turuk.Imagine my surpise when I was watching a transmission fromthe...