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tinashe album was 3 years too late. Tirzah was a load of hipster wank.

let's 'av ye then to kill the time before the vonc (or after.)


pass the sick bucket
i have a list but not revealing it for a while. im a bit ashamed of it to be fair. not keeping my finger on the pulse as much as i would like. crowley with his american superiority complex. don't understand why we had to vote brexit when we've gotta put up with these insufferable cunts. at least you don't need to be a genius to take down german shit cos their bogs are designed so u can see the worms in yer shit from eating raw pork.
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I'll bite. According to my player, this year I listened most (>10) to

- Kuniyuki Takahashi: Early Tape Works 1986 - 1993 Vol. 2
- Pender Street Steppers: Pender Street Steppers
- Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement: Ambient Black Magic
- Thomas Köner: Daikan
- Identified Patient: Weeshuis der Verloren Zielen

Astute observers will note that only one of those, the first, is released in 2018. That fact surprised me, as I thought this year had quite a few interesting releases. In some order of enjoyment:

- various artists: Bblisss
- Ron Morelli: Disappearer
- Les Halles: Zephyr
- Sarah Davachi: Let Night Come on Bells End the Day
- Silent Servant: Harm in Hand
- Genesis: Dearly Departure
- Donato Dozzy: Mindless Fullness (even only for the silly wordplay)
- Seth Graham: Gasp
- Die Orangen: Saft
- Mutant Beat Dance: Mutant Beat Dance
- the emo-House of DJ Healer/Ministry of Doom
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I'm thinking "favorites" of the year versus "best", tunes don't need to be great for me to enjoy and play them the most.

that said, I loved the weirdo house on the "studio barnhus, volym 1 comp.

hard to describe fit of body's "black box no cops" album, an Atlanta hiphop influence for sure but not really.

some good singles by laksa.

also dug the retro '90s house vibe on honey dijon's "the best of both worlds".
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Here's mine (no particular order to the lists or tunes in each list):

Best Dance Music 2018

X5 Dubs - Let The Beat Commence 2018 Refix
GrittyCity - 6 AM
Dom Dolla - Take It
Arun Verone - Crash Bandicoot
Eli Brown - Kingston Crunch
Fisher - Losing It
GrittyCity - Choices
Chris Lorenzo - Ectomorph
Wittyboy - Working With
Taiki Nulight, AC Slater, Dell Harris - Night Bass Thing
Volac, Dustycloud, Dread MC - Bass Zone
GrittyCity - EDGY
Michael Bibi - Hanging Tree (Original Mix)
Dusky - Staunch (KETTAMA Remix)
MJ Cole, Kojey Radical - Soak It Up (MJ Cole VIP Mix)
Chris Lorenzo, Holy Goof - Shutdown
Bassboy - Fire
La Roux - In For The Kill (Flava D Bootleg)
Royal-T, Champion - Distortion
Holy Goof, Tribes - Ready For It (Holy Goof Remix)
DJ Q, Jamie Duggan - Count Down
DJ Q - Breathe VIP
Champion - Living Dead
MC Bassman - Heavy and Dark (Serum’s Mix)
Phibes - Fresh

Best Dance Music 2018 YouTube Playlist

Best Rap 2018

Migos - Stir Fry
MIST, MoStack - Uber
Fredo - Tell Me
SOB x RBE - Paramedic!
Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Future, James Blake - King’s Dead
Ronny J, XXXTENTACION - Banded Up
Ab-Soul, Anderson Paak, James Blake - Bloody Waters
Lil Yachty - Count Me In
Nelly, Jacquees - Freaky With You
Tinashe - He Don’t Want It
Joeey - Longrun
Wiley - All The Time
Bhad Bhabie, Lil Yachty - Gucci Flip Flops
Cardi B - Get Up 10
Conducta - Only U (Joker Remix)
RAYE, Maleek Berry, Nana Rogues - Confidence
Kojey Radical - If Only
Sam Wise - Do Or Die
Pusha T - Santeria
Mozzy, Kae One - Had To
Future - Walk On Minks
6ix9ine, Nicki Minaj, Murda Beatz - FEFE
Cardi B - Money
Chief Keef - Pharrell
Tom Zanetti - Freestyle 2018

Best Rap 2018 YouTube Playlist

Best Grime 2018

Jammer, Footsie - Outereville
Mez - Follow Us
Sharky Major, Manga, Fumin, Bruza, Maxwell D - Grime Original Remix
Vern & Milla, Kwam - Let’s Go VIP
PK - Get My Trim
PK - Santi Cazorla
Mez - Ready To Skeng
East Man, Saint P - Can’t Tell Me Bout Nothing
Jook, Jammz - No Remorse
President T - What You On
Wiley - 01
Coco - Gimme The Mic
Wiley - Let The Ink Flow
Skepta - Pure Water
YGG - Strikers
Lunar C - Skwolla
Earbuds, slowthai - Noddy
namesbliss, Manga - Style and Grace
Afghan Dan - Jdz Media Spitfire
Scrufizzer - Bun Dat
Laughta - Keeping It Grimey
Blay Vision - Gone Mad
Dapz on the Map - Turnt
Wiley - Flip The Table (Spookzville Remix)
Trends, Boylan, Riko Dan - Kruger

Best Grime 2018 YouTube Playlist
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Not been listening to much new music this year, and not that much of what I have heard has hyped me.

No particular order, but the ones I like most are generally near the top.

H.E.R. feat Bryson Tller - Could've Been
Lil Yachty / Trippie Redd - 66
Famous Dex - JAPAN
Charli XCX - Out of My Head
A$AP Ant - Diamond Dust REMIX
Kodak Black - Take One
XXXTentacion - SAD!
Blocboy JB feat Drake - Look Alive
Ella Mai - Boo'd Up
Pusha T - Infared
Todd Edwards - Is It Wrong (Todd Edwards Dub)
Rae Sremmurd feat. Young Thug - Offshore
Tirzah - Holding On
Teyana Taylor - Gonna Love Me
Miguel feat. Travis Scott - Sky Walker
Eminem - The Ringer
Marsha Ambrosius - Old Times
The Internet - Wanna Be
Kendrick et al - King's Dead
SOB x RBE - Paramedic!
Casanova - Set Trippin'
Cardi B - Bickenhead
Ty Dolla feat 21 Savage - Clout
Future - WIFI LIT
Desiigner - Priice Tag
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Outside Today
Diego Money - No A C
Robb Bank$ - ILYSM
Cozz, J Cole - Zendaya
03 Greedo / Lil Uzi Vert - Never Bend
Starlito - Sam Sumn
Gunna - Spending Addiction
1TakeQuan - Grub Hub
Trouble / MikeWillMadeIt - Bring It Back
Currensy + Freddie Gibbs - Saturday Night Special
Styles P - Out the Way
Meek Mill - Championships
Benny the Butcher - Fifty One
Lil Baby - All of a Sudden
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This year was notable for getting me briefly excited about London afrobeat/trap stuff, before becoming totally bored with it as it saturated the charts.


bandz ahoy
Choon Discoveries 2018

Moodymann - Misled
Marvin Gaye - Come Live with Me, Angel
Jacquees - B.E.D.
Roedelius -Prinzregent
Gigi Masin - The Wind Song
Kodak Black - No Flockin'
Charles Bradley - Changes
Playa Fly - Nobody
The Beach Boys - I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
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ok so.

pixl jungletrain shows and noise test set. ruffneck revival dark jungle/drumfunk with heavy reeses. this scene has been going on for years. its not innovative its quite purist by 93-96 jungle standards but fuck it i can't be arsed with trying to chase the next innovation sold to us by the culture industry. chopped up amens galore.

N Type with RUFUS! - 12th April 2018 on rinse. again purist dubstep, none of that post-dubstep shite biz. I tend not to listen to it much these days but you need that sort of fix sometimes. + scenes always have their micro innovations that aren't really visible to outsiders, something its harder for the majority middle class journalist contingent to understand on here as they are directly implicated in prescriptions which generally accord with the profit imperatives of their firms. It happens no fault of yours guv.

Kampire - Sounds of Sonar.

dembo riddims meets euro synths meets edits and chunky afrohouse. uganda club sounds killing it atm. the stuff on nyege nyege tapes is more mental tho, happy hardcore kampala style. especially the bamba pana release.

Afrodeutsche - Black Forest 9th June 2018 nts. Grimey electro from the manchester soldier.

AnD - TnDB Podcast.

Pillmonster techno in a 90s dave clarke stylee but with a contemporary industrial influenced wideness of sound. one for the sneaking in absinthe massive at club. let's 'av it.

Josey Rebelle - Beats in Space. chicago/detroit bits with more UK flavas.

Alien Jams w/ Chloe Frieda & Flora Yin-Wong 22nd July 2018. avant-club sounds. I like Flora cos she knows how to get a groove going despite the off kilter rhythms and doesn't succumb to that hardstyle nonsense. Well im pretty sure she was booked/used to hang out at my mates industrial techno night so she's grounded in the culture rather than looking at this from an outsider perspective. also put in here her boilerroom although last year only just heard this year.

That's all my mixes. grievous angel's done a few nuskool bassline ones but i haven't had time to check em out. I guess they'll go on my 'heard in 2019' list.

Autechre - Nts Sessions 1-4.
Xenakis - Persepolis. 2018 karlrecords reissue.
Eli Keszler - Stadium. intricate percussive ambient jazz that sounds like source direct going for a nice relaxing sunday cuppa.
Senyawa Sujud.
Hailu Mergia - Lala Belu. Ethio-keyboard/organ funk. you know it will be good.
va - African Scream Contest Vol.2 - Benin 1963-1980.
Monae Dirty Computer.
Gabor Lazar - unfold. warmed up to this one eventually.
Neons Publishing - Creepin' In Memphis mixtape.
the pusha t one. honestly probably would have put denzel curry in this slot but i had no time to hear it.
Cardi B. prefer her gangsta bitch vol 1 mixtape tho still.
Earle Sweatshirt.
Massimo Toniutti - Il Museo Selvatico. (reissue.) strange gurgling low end microscopic concrete works from Italy. Sci-fi toilet concrete as me and a mate called it.
Mark Fell Intra.
Richard Devine - Sort\lave. Channeling the more dancefloor primed moments of Autechre Elseq 1-5.
Heather Leigh - Throne.
Guttersnipe My Mother the vent. not sure about this one like the no wave guys in hell but i like it, for now.
Idris Ackamoor and the Pyramids - An Angel Fell. For all your funky Sun Ra and Weldon Irvine needs.
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Notoriously un-hip when it comes to music but I'll give it a shot:

Indie Rock/Pop
Album: Suuns - Felt
Song: Voidz - Qurryus

Album: Future/Juice WRLD - WRLD on Drugs
Song: Quavo - Workin' Me

Album: Janelle Monae - Dirty Computer
Song: Billie Eilish - you should see me in a crown

I can't believe there isn't a single electronic album or song that really stood out for me this year. Hell I'm still listening to Andy Stott's Faith in Strangers and Ben Frost's AURORA, and both have released albums since those two. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

padraig (u.s.)

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my top 11 of 2018, in no particular order

everything Spacemen 3 ever did, especially Perfect Prescription

The Myth of Sisyphus


Reading philosophy, and existentialism specifically. I'd always dabbled but I had a kind of epiphany and it became very important to me and as dumb/sophomoric as it sounds, Camus and de Beauvoir (and Kierkegaard and, somehow, Kant) basically got me thru a very difficult period in life.

The Saga of Egil Skallagrimsson

Kazimir Malevich - Black Sqaure and White On White

this incredible smooth funk live version of Bonnie + Clyde

this, and the 10 minute version of "Rapture", and avant disco not disco rap in general

this, and early 80s wot do u call it post-disco pre-house club music like whatever Larry Levan and DJs at The Mudd Club and Danceteria played in general.

discovering the existence of this incredible mix/video

American, Swedish, and Finnish death metal ca. 1988-1993 or so


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Did a best of 2018 on the radio tonight where we managed to leave out about 50% of our favourite ambient and drone of the year due to sheer volume. Will upload shortly.


bandz ahoy
You've both got such calmative voices, I felt incredibly soothed before the mix even began (shades of the patronising englishman here I apologise if I've dragged in with me).