ill-informed speculation

  1. swears

    Pointless but it makes me go: "Wow, didn't know that."

    General thread for suprising/interesting/weird trivia About 10 percent of electricity in the United States is generated by fuel from dismantled nuclear bombs, including Russian ones.
  2. M

    How dodgy is soy?

    Articles like the one below make it sound like a very bad idea indeed for males especially to eat un-fermented soy products. Is it that bad? Is there scientific / nutritionist consensus? Would the dairy / meat industries perhaps have an interest in encouraging bad publicity around soy based...
  3. T

    The meaning of "funky house"

    When martin blackdown first mentioned funky house on dissensus a while back, people seemed to think it referred to bland, MOR house played in bars in the west end. The stuff that Geeneus etc are dropping now seems a long way from that - are they two separate genres, or have they met in the middle?
  4. D

    CERN Large Hadron Collider big bang experiment

    Has anyone managed to view the live feed? All seems to be going well so far anyhow, according to this: And the earth hasn't been swallowed up by a black hole just yet. :cool:
  5. barry_abs

    The Record Industry's Decline

    according to Rolling Stone "Record sales are tanking, and there's no hope in sight".. industry chiefs talking about "what's next"...
  6. MATT MAson

    War In Iran

    Chatter about the possibility of this is getting louder by the day it seems. This is one of several pieces floating around: I just can't get my head round Bush actually trying to pull this off. If this goes down, it will either be the end of...
  7. budub

    why is this forum

    so dead? whats goin on guys? thoughts?
  8. R

    Moroccan Pop

    Anyone got a good knowledge of Moroccan pop...had a trip in a friend's car recently and he had some tapes that he'd acquired on at trip to Morocco was amazing mix of the exotic and good old pop. Unfortunately it was all on cassette with notes in Arabic so can't really chase it any further...