1. Woebot

    Spanish Reggae Rant.

    I think I must have waited 15 years for a piece like Wayne's. Ever since I heard about putative connections between the Clave beat and Steely and Cleevie's rhythms. Big up your hairy chest Wayne. When I at last made it to Kingston in 1991 and I picked up the seven inch of Dave Kelly's production...
  2. B

    Roots from the edge

    I started this thread over on ILM a while back, and got precious little response. Maybe it's a bad question, or perhaps people over here will be more qualified to give answers - in the wake of the reggae producers thread, I tend towards the latter. Let's see: "Finding myself a little bored by...
  3. Woebot

    Best Roots Reggae producers?

    My favourite roots reggae producer is Glen Brown? Who's yours? And why. I like Glen because no one else makes such bone-crushingly remorseless heavy drum and bass patterns...