1. B

    Reggae Britannia Incase anyone missed it.
  2. crofton

    Polish underground music pre-1989

    I've become curious about this stuff and I'm wondering if anyone here knows about it. I've had a trawl through ebay/popsike ... there's lots of jazz obv, but I'm more looking for Cold War era psychedelic stuff, punk, ska. So far after a quick look I've come across maybe 15-20 albums or so. I've...
  3. P

    70's reggae 12" mix

    did a mix of reggae 12"s from 1976 onwards.... (as far as i know there are none from previous to 76!)... been really digging on the dub styles you hear on 12"s, as opposed to albums or 7"s, it's a totally different approach... there is this window from like 76-79 where you get real roots style...
  4. C

    Early digi reggae

    Following on from the Nitty Gritty can people add some digi reggae ? I only know the obvious ones so ill start with this Kenny Knox
  5. J

    Joe Gibbs RIP

    Gibbs & Macero within the same week? RIP
  6. V

    Deep reggae like 'Heart of the Congos'....

    I am not a reggae buff at all but I can't get enough of this at the moment. I love the disembodied chanting bits. What else is along similar mournful, mystical, meditative lines? Ta.
  7. Z

    Deep Roots Documentary Series

    an irie holidays gift for Dissensians... but maybe you've all seen it already? -- this epic channel 4 documentary is the perfect way to spend some rainy days inside or have on in the background while passing the spliff with friends. awesome Lee Perry footage in the black ark (that man is...
  8. B

    Yaala Yaala and authenticity Interesting stuff, and the Pekos/Yoro Diallo disc is killer. Does "grit equal authenticity" though? I know someone going to Mali in the very near future, so may ask her to pick up a few random cassettes for me.... if it's anything like...
  9. T

    can we have a ysi thread

    just for contributors to link to a single track each post, rather than a rar of the entire oeuvre of sun ra or whatever, and without an obligation to contextualise
  10. john eden

    Johnny Rotten meets Tommy Vance uptown See the right hand column. Legendary show from Capital Radio 1977 responsible for getting many of yer punks into reggae. Plus some hilarious adverts from the era which just reinforce how well the music has aged.
  11. M

    Good King Tubby set

    from 1975 posted up at matsuli's blog. It sounds fucking great, really febrile.
  12. blubeat

    Blackdown > Southall > Back in the day > Shaka

    Blackdowns recent blog post West goes East - a lovely rambling literary sojourn into Southall got me all misty eyed. Southall was home to one of my early post acid clubbing venues when they moved Charlie Chester's "Passion" night (I think it was one of his nights) from a leafy suburb...
  13. Woebot

    arabic sounds

    a friend (who will remain nameless) asked me about vintage arabic music for samples. the best i can come up with really is oum kalsoum's stuff. not really the tightly cropped "singles" stuff, but the lps where she stretches out and things get madly losmic. and there's the tangent/jean jenkins...
  14. Leo

    One Drop

    Been slow on the uptake here, how does this roots revival compare/differ from the originals? If I were to start in, should I first explore: the Greensleeves "One Drop Anthems 2005"? Or the new 2006 edition? Or the "Serious Times" comp? Or Gyptian's "My Name is..."? Thanks.
  15. C

    Clappa, Sensimedia, Dupstepper's Delight Rolling Thread

    Uncle Sam Biography Dem ting Deh, that’s all you’ll heard in the distance when, on August 25th 2005, Uncle Sam’s debut CD hit the airwaves like a hurricane. Uncle Sam broke the barriers and unleashed a twist in the reggae market that the West Indies had never seen before. Uncle Sam, born Ryan...
  16. O

    Eighties Reggae Recommendations

    Really like the crispness, upbeat feel, and electronic percussion of Sly and Robbie's - Taxi Fare (1987), especially 'triplet', 'taxi connection' and 'unmetered taxi'. Especially now that the sun is beginning to appear again in London. Can anyone recommend anything else to check out in this...
  17. matt b

    Recommended Reggae Reissues

    it seems quite easy to be crushed by the sheer weight of reggae reissue compilations that come out each month / year from 'compiling' labels- B&F, pressure sounds, auralux, basic replay etc etc. despite saying before christmas that the month of january would be free of record purchases, i feel...
  18. P

    Digi Dub

    Apart from 'digital dub' what is digidub?. Is it a scene or just dub produced on computers. Does it relate to a specific period of dub releases. It seems to get a bad press generally, and I noticed discussion of it on another thread in relation to dubstep.
  19. matt b

    life's road mix (1970s - 2005 reggae)

    life's road mix 1. humble dub (rockers) 2. asher & humble- 'humble yourself' (rockers) 3. winston watson- 'dispensation' (upsettress) 4. dillinger- 'lion rock' (upsettress) 5. jah glen- 'save our nation' (south east music) 6. pittison & glenmore- 'save our dub' (south east music) 7. the...
  20. M

    African Reggae

    does anyone know how much good reggae and dub has come out of Africa? i know alpha blondys stuff but thats about all apart from a lush mp3 of a dubbed up jaws harp playing woman . any pointers or experience?>