spurious loaded questions

  1. sufi

    Buildings where you think you're in VR

    Big images please
  2. luka

    What are the sixties

    I have my theory what's yours
  3. Z

    The (lack of the) Mysterious

    in a tangent from the Giving Up Coffee thread in which Chaotropic started telling amazing stories about his cryptozoological expeditions. it does make sense and i understand/agree with/am all for those reasons. but at the same time it also makes counter-sense: in the act of "destroying" the...
  4. S

    What is interzone?

    Definitions sought... Philosophical, literal, psychological, clerical or otherwise...
  5. sufi

    Music you are prejudiced against

    for me i have a reactionary prejudice against indie and possibly goth, i probably have some other deep-seated ones but i struggle to put my finger on them exactly..., but there are whole areas of music i wouldnt really contemplate enjoying, like the kids who took against hiphop to the the...
  6. sufi

    the last 'band' you were 'into' before you renounced indie

    were they a gateway to teckno, or did you do a damascene conversion from full on baggie to utter grimer?
  7. john eden

    When did dubstep lose the plot?

    Well? please be specific about particular tunes, events, haircuts, etc which you feel are significant. You may also berate me for suggesting it has lost it.
  8. A

    why dubsteppers should forget about myspace, facebook, virb...

    this topic was about a totally different thing, but since after someone calls you "nob" here, lots of people jump in very interested to look at what you have to offer, i changed my point... so i was promoting a social network, underlining its strong points that are making it better than the...
  9. sufi

    zapatista yoghurt

    marcos <--------------------------separated at birth---------------------->yoghurt ????
  10. barry_abs

    The Record Industry's Decline

    according to Rolling Stone "Record sales are tanking, and there's no hope in sight".. http://www.rollingstone.com/news/story/15137581/the_record_industrys_decline/1 industry chiefs talking about "what's next"...
  11. C

    Was jazz-fusion a dead end music genre?

    Fusion just seems like the classic example of a "progressive" style that was supposed to open new doors for music, but ultimately it just killed what was left of jazz and maybe influenced a bit of prog rock before punk killed that off. It was way too technical for almost everyone except jazz...
  12. budub

    why is this forum

    so dead? whats goin on guys? thoughts?
  13. M

    The ol' ethno-tourism question

    Sorry if this has come up in one of the other threads and I missed it, but has anyone heard Murs' verses on the topic of white people into hip-hop on the track 'And this is for'? The track's on his album with 9th Wonder, '3:16'. Pretty good I reckon, fairly equivocal in that he's acknowledging...