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Tangential point, but has anyone else noticed the lack of overt jamaican influence on this stuff? Obviously the obvious rootsiness of dubstep's gone, but there's not much dancehall or ragga in there either. Hip hop's a much bigger presence than it has been for a while, too...

This made me think of Grievious Angel "Rum & Redbull remix" [unreleased], which was real highlight of Blackdown's show last month!


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yea i was going to add, for the dissensus crew a perfect example of 'raw rugged & ragga' would be get down low by grevious, fast on the press but raw & rugged. I have other examples but thought I would add one that dissensus posters are familiar with


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Yeah Grievous Angel is a good example of a music nerd who makes great music, Slackk also


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I'm a bit behind the times - I've just caught up with last month's show. It's very good though.

I haven't got time to go into a track by track breakdown but yeah, there were a lot of bits that felt like UK bass music being pushed in new directions and not many that felt like old house and garage being rehashed on the cheap... plus the eski-funk mix was hard to argue with, not to mention that eski-funk is probably the least worst name I've heard in relation to any of this music.

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Prob better off asking in the Funky thread Elijah

For people on a similar tip to Champion, Eastwood is the first that comes to mind.
Also Serious, who has already worked with Champion on some tunes.
Some of Shay & Sinista's tunes, and some of the Bassboy/Marcus Nasty collab tunes too.
There's a few other examples but I can't think of them right now.


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as there's quite a much frustration going against this music, maybe us dissatisfied Dissensian producers should make a little compilation of ruff/rude/jagged/edgy tunes - stuff we'd like to hear. to show how it should be done. and i don't mean tunes should exactly be hard, but they has to have a bit of that edge even if they're light/mellow.

we could upload the compilation in Soundcloud, and put message for djs to take contact if they want to play some stuff. just in case if someone makes something release-worth :)

who's up with this?

this sounds like a good idea for a project, could be very interesting. Could also pass the .wav parts round internally of one or two of the tunes for some remixes?

This forum has excellent taste so I think the production results, especially in the context of the above, could yeild great results!