James Blake


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tires me that the level of technical accomplishment on display in a piece of music can still be considered synonymous with its quality.

But obviously you were just joking


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Just googled it there
I know nothing about Bon Ivor other then he's a bit James Blake without the good bits.

As you were


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sounded exactly as i thought it would. though it seems more like normal JB than BI.

Bon Iver's a weird one though, been listening through his two albums lately. For the most part he's an acoustic guitar, multi-tracked vocals, soppy americana kinda guy. But even on the first album there's one bit of really brash autotuning, and the 2nd album is littered with it...this kind of ultra smooth digital sound. eg-

and he did this gayngs supergroup which is smooth as fuck (apparently he is a big peter gabriel fan) -

seems like a total non-sequitur to me, must be missing something. fwiw I think he's a more gifted songwriter than JB though, the basic germ of his melodic/harmonic ideas is usually stronger than the stuff on the JB album.

but yeah that collab is bad.


who knows...
got to see him live in the mainroom of First Avenue in MPLS to a pretty much sold out show and it was really good.

his cover of Anti War Dub (which was well over everyone's head) was phenomenal.


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Gone from hostility to apathy to ambivalence to actually discovering something admirable about this man and his music.

Is it safe to like him now?


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have only given the last two albums one or two listens, so maybe not a fair assessment, i think hes gone downhill since the first album. the new one sounded so cheap and thin sonically, and strangely samey for an 80 min album, i didnt care about it at all, barring a handful of songs. wilhelms scream was his peak.


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Like whatever you like, y'all

I like some Coldplay songs. And yes, I AM deeply ashamed.

Not really into Blake, He reminds me a bit of Jeff Buckley, only less good.

Who is the premium British wailer at the moment - Yorke or Blake?


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OMG amazing idea for photoshop


Replace heads with Thom Yorke, James Blake, and other noted wailers.

Can't execute as shit with computers.


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Surely this is better than anything James Blake has done? Such good wailing.

Also, speaking as a straight man who appreciates a great man: Jesus, he was totally dreamy.