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My favourite time of the year is early spring when tree branches turn from barren sticks into blobs of unguent fertility which slowly turn from engorged sacs to priapic leaves. Every year, there is a day when the pods suddenly burst from the bark, dribbling sticky hot love jiuce from every pore, and this year that day is TODAY.

I'm extremely excited about this.

I may not be quite rational for a while.

Grievous Angel

Beast of Burden
oh GOD the glorious fragrances wafting in through the back door from the herbs in the garden... the sinuous olfactory pleasure of the thawing peak district humous drifiting into town...

... mmmmmmmmmm... MMMMMmmmmmm....



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the cherry blossoms are out in vancouver. all the residential streets where i live are lined with them. i love them so much. when they start to fall the ground looks like its covered in pink snow. ahhhh


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Today's that day here too .
Can hear the kids playing B ball out on the court , swish bang
Gonna head to the Farmer's market , stock up and then to friends in evening for a round of libations
Cheers all , enjoy


the view of lambeth across the bridge looks like a european city rather than london, the banks of the thames look more like a beach when the tide goes out.
rabbits and chattering birds , my lily i thought was dead is sprouting in the balcony.
i have a hangover from getting really drunk for the first time this year and me and 2 close friends who have been without jobs since last year all got one this last week . :p
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I moved to Somerset in October and am living up in the Mendips in an isolated farm house. The first day of sunshine felt like the South of frickin France after MONTHS of cold and soupy gloom. The landscape looked completely and indescribably different and all our hearts leapt for joy. Yes, yes, yes.


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two weeks ago i saw two red admiral butterflys.
these are the only butterflys i have seen so far this spring.
if you walk along the strech of canal by the palm tree public house in mile end you will see a baby coot. this is the first baby bird i have seen so far this spring. the other coots are either building nests or sitting on eggs.
i have seen a lot of daffodils.
i have seen a lot of bumblebees.
i have yet to see a housemartin.


thread death
my fig tree, symbol of all that is summer to me, has got those little green conical tips which this time next month will unfurl those lovely leaves. incipient growth - is april really the cruellest month? :confused:


No, January is. January's a bitch.

It's like May at the moment - I've seen bees on the tube already, and my daffodils are already past their best. And the grass is going mental.


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i saw a bumblebee the other day and was very surprised.
spring is great and that but the mice have returned to my bedsit after their winter break, and the kitchen is full of mouse poo. presumably this is what eliot was talking about