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At an old home and had come round like you would if you blacked out drunk, but previous section unremembered so the alcohol bit isn’t necessarily so, the only term that comes to mind is time dilation and completely baffled lucidity

But I didn’t know where I was either, as a paradox, and I couldn’t understand why I was attempting to find clothes to pack or why I couldn’t find them. Then I found a pile of jeans and a green coat, the coat belonging to an old house mate (which I thought about stealing as he was a prize cunt). Somehow my Dad showed up and got verbal that I was “12 hours late, what have you been doing?”. And I couldn’t answer him, because of the time dilation, not getting pissed up for decades and he’s dead

Wake up, go for a piss, go back to bed with a slight grin. Very psychedelic. We’re now at Evesham services, part a pitstop along the route to college. My Dad wants a snack, but none of the usual food gaffs are there - it was like a horseshoe, rammed, everywhere (that bit‘s blurry) had long lines and we have to hit the fuckin road. Then I see a cafeteria with a little old lady in a pinny, yet there’s hardly anything edible. I order 2 packets of scampi fries and a bottle of water. A bloke to the right of the kiosk points at my Forest shirt “your club are shit mate”, so I try and ignore but he kept chirping so I smashed him in the face

Wake up to kids screaming, couldn’t recall the first part until 10mins ago, so case filing it here


GF had some weird dreams last night... one was about being a stand up comedian on stage in Germany and the other involved being driven by her dad who was really tired and then fell asleep.
Well, you don't need to be Freud to figure that that was about her dad's death a year or two back... I reckon the other thing may have been influenced by a documentary we watched yesterday about Australian mega church Hillsong, which had loads of people on stages all round the world... but who knows?

Mr. Tea

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One of my two idiot cats - the more idiotic one - got herself stuck in a neighbour's greenhouse the other day. She might have been there for 24 hours or so, and was fairly distressed by the time my girlfriend figured out where she was and went round to the neighbour's house to say "Sorry, could you please release my idiot cat from your greenhouse?"

Anyway, the same cat was fast asleep on our bed earlier and then suddenly woke up howling her head off, so I can only assume she'd having a bad dream, probably caused by her recent accidental incarceration.


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20 January 2014 Monday 02:12

Dream abt something called NILT that was a video online abt police officers sexually abusing young girls. I somehow had an intuition that it was going on and then googled NILT and loads of results came up. I was at work and someone saw the results page and started laughing and telling everyone what I was looking at. Then some plain clothes police turned up and asked me if I knew anything abt it. I said I had a feeling I had maybe seen it happening yesterday on the way to work, but couldnt really remember.


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i had a dream about meeting like, the demiurge
or something and he was a fat bald man in a gaudy suit and i told him i wanted
to destroy his universe and create a new one


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Last night I saw that female looking tree from the tree thread and posted on here about it


thread death
Saw on Twitter today from Punch.


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Dreamt last night I was sitting in a bus, waiting for it to pull out of the station, and the driver was telling a couple of out-of-town passengers about how there's a hair salon in town run by Moby. The bus departs the station, goes down the road a bit, then the drive pulls over, stops in front of Moby's hair salon, and invites the passengers to go over and take a look. We all got off the bus, walk to the front door.

The place was closed, but someone inside came to the door, told us Moby was in a meeting but let us in to look around. A few minutes later, Moby comes out of an office and greets us, we all go and sit around a table and chat. But then Moby transforms into Terre Thaemlitz, and I start telling her how I like her work and own a bunch of TT and DJ Sprinkles records.


Cat Malogen
What’s weird is clicking to post a dream itt while this started playing

Dream was a mix of some alien robotic fusion of War of the Worlds and crab-like crustaceans on the horizon. Imagine a telescope where a claw might be. A female offered me safe transport on a cargo ship off-world but the dream changed gears rapid. She had three heads, almost exactly like Hecate. One dark brunette one blonde and one with a face I couldn’t distinguish (it was like a seething foam of vapours as much as a face)

No evening tincture for 6 weeks, might have to remedy a move off-world tonight


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the only bands i see in dreams are Tool and The Mars Volta which is a massive disappointment obviously. this is recurring. i don't know why. my dream diary is extensive and goes back a few years and these are the only two that come up. in my dream last night The Mars Volta kept apologising for how quiet the sound was.


Cat Malogen
Remembering from early this morning, it wasn’t recalled all afternoon until a snack

A new planet is entering our solar system. Big sparkly black canvas littered with the light points of stars and then the presence of a sphere, moving past the orbit of Pluto like a gothic trekky image

Can’t recall its surface, reflective or otherwise, just darker hues with hints of red and yellow


What’s your fuckin problem, Brian? I said a sphere, like so but dapper and with better hair