the revolution will be televised


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I sometimes struggle to tell whether or not I'm taking personal experience as universal with this stuff as I feel that 'unrealness' quite a lot and not just when it comes to the news, global events or whatever. I sometimes get this thing at parties where I can feel like a CCTV camera or floating eyeball rather than a participant and none of it feels real, like being in The Truman Show or VR or something. I had the same feeling walking around a Christmas market the other night, I could see all the people and knew they were people, but they just didn't seem like real people, it was like they were all behind glass or something, a shark tunnel.

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is Reality fake?


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But I wouldn't be arguing with him, I'd be arguing with a book written by William Robinson, a boring Sandinista lackey.


is not like other people
"i don't agree with you or your boring Sandinista-lackey guru. I go into more detail in my essay here, but I know you won't read it."


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i reckon your scared you will lose but these people (12,000 followers) never experience pushback on their claims, you might find victory is actually quite easy, pushing at an open door