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the coverage in uk press is total rubbish except @yousraelbagir

today's climbdown is ok but nowhere near what the protestors have said is the bare minimum - the military out of government

A bit of regional geopolitical background for @craner

So disgusting to see the rebel groups from Darfur supporting the coup

especially JEM, who were behind the famous Black Book 20 years ago exposing the ethnic elitism that ruled post-independence sudan

a shocking betrayal which at the same time represents the first time Darfuris have taken power in Khartoum, JEM don't have much military power (although they made an audacious armed raid on the capital some years back in a convoy of landcruisers driven right across the country, unlike Hamedti/Dagallo who is also Darfuri - a cowboy who has come up through and now runs the militias who carried out the genocide on Darfur

Analysts (twitter) are emphasising that General Al-Burhan from the regular sudan army is not just an old regime stooge for warlord hamedti but is also an accomplished war criminal in darfur as well as yemen where he and hamedti sent 10s of 1000s of soldiers in support of Saudi/UAE....

Since the international Muslim Brotherhood elements in the government have been purged since the coup, i'm wondering how JEM's links to he late Hasan Turabi's networks will suit the coup's foreign backers.

Of the civilian remnants of the government who don't support the coup, Saddig ElMahdi, of the Umma party former PM (& descendent of the Mahdi who massacred the brits in the first battle of omdurman was arrested so is not obvs completely mortgaged to the UAE, and the actual PM is undr house arrest. Big players in the protests are a shadowy group the association of professionals whose leadership are anonymous but whose members are being hunted by the govt/military they came out of the unions, though now some of the unions are supportng the coup i think :(


is what the coup is all about - hamedti and burhan and the junta protecting their resource extraction rackets and themselves from trial for their well documented roles in genocide and war crimes

hamedti meanwhile is releasing slick socials presence in the night while the internet is switched off for the whole country for 30 days
nobody showed the slightest interest in my beautiful explainer, not even @craner,
so here's something else for you all under-informed philistines to expAND YR REVOLUTIONARY KNOWLEDGE


i literally only started posting sudanese music to lure to back from your exile
worked like a charm too


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to be honest, I'm a bit pissed off by the deaths of the Sudanese demonstrators who protested against the coup, no mention on western media, I only saw this on Al Jazeera



sudanese propaganda troll bots creating machine poetry with hijacked indonesian twiiter accounts


Example of a tweet (top) containing a string of text lifted directly from Wikipedia articles (bottom).
Example of a tweet (top) containing a string of text lifted directly from Wikipedia articles (bottom). (Source: @Dilean_Drakuli/archive, top; Wikipedia/archive, bottom)

The accounts were used to share a fifty-character slice of text, seemingly at random, from different Wikipedia pages. The string of text was scrubbed to remove all non-alphanumeric characters, including commas, periods, and brackets. If the string happened to start or end with a space, the space would also be trimmed. As a result, some tweets contained precisely 50 characters, while others contained fewer than fifty characters. In the above example, the period between the words “product” and “Requires,” which can be seen in the Wikipedia entry, was removed from the tweet, resulting in a string with forty-nine characters instead of fifty. In each tweet, the Wikipedia string was followed by an upper case “M,” a line break, and the exact date and time the tweet was posted.