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That's proper euro techno! Sounds kinda like new beat. Has more character than you average random Soundcloud track.

I'm sure New Beat must have been something of an influence.
Things like the New Beat - Take X compilations were still popular in the "underground" scene in that area at the time when i would have made that in 91 (or 90?).


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related anecdote my brother reminded me about: The weekend that version of Dune opened in the theaters, the same weekend that I saw my first concert as wee lad - Prince's Purple Rain tour, when going to the theater to see Dune, they had no tickets to sell because Prince had rented out the whole theater so that he and his band etc. could watch Dune.


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This is another track i found from 91. Totally different style - I think I was trying to make something that sounded like its own little movie or something like that. I think some of the samples are from Total Recall as I recall. It was made with that same eps sampler/sequencer - something possibly amusing to someone that watched Total Recall 3 times? @mixed_biscuits

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.ZIP of current iteration/mix of new EP

should be balanced for tone and volume better than the stuff on soundcloud, did shootouts of earbuds vs. bluetooth vs. studio quality cans to try to hit on some nice median of what sounded best on any of those 3
It's funny how we all prioritise different things. It would never occurr to me to see how my music sounded on different speakers, but I'd spend hours syncing up a bass guitar riff with a sample beat until it sounded juuuust right.


its because dogs on acid gave me a fright about my mixes probably sounding like shit, its not something ive thought about before but i want coco bryce to like my stuff lmao


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It's definitely a good thing to do, but to get good perspective, it's also important to also try stuff that isn't sitting directly on or in your ears - a variety of things, if possible, from studio monitors to consumer speakers to someone's car.


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musics me and my mate sometimes make. i usually meet him once a year in person and then we would throw a together an "album" in two days or something like that.



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I only had that ensoniq sampler/sequencer keyboard for like a year before i had to sell it because my parents cut me off since, for various reasons, I failed the audio engineering school where i tried to go to in another state.
One reason was that i was forced to go to the mental hospital again so i missed stuff at the school, and then all the stuff they wanted me to learn at that school about repairing/building electronics and stuff like that from scratch - that was impossible for me with my (yet undiagnosed) NVLD - i may as well have had to take advanced theoretical geometry! (i don't do well with visual/spatial or math - much less combined!).
I never made music again after that, but I felt like I didn't really have great ideas anyway.
Like, I one time I was watching 120 minutes and saw a video by Sisters of Mercy and thought I should have a go at something like that


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that's my favorite one yet! nails the kind of jungle groove where bass moves in a slow heavy bounce as drums ricochet/jangle/slash around it. (tho the high frequency melody may be just slightly loud for my taste?) a very replayable choon. violent yet benevolent.