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Beast of Burden
Here are some good films on YouTube that are otherwise difficult to find.


Powell and Pressburger, 49th Parallel

A WW2 propaganda movie that had one task: to convince America to join the Allies by highlighting the vulnerability of the Canadian border. But instead of just doing this, it presented a study in contrast between the pure nihilism of Nazi race creeds and the pluralism of imperial democracy. And a portrait of the complex relationship between national and ethnic identity and empire. And a defence of art and humanism in the face of cultural philistinism. Plus a few other things, too.


Beast of Burden

Josef von Sternberg, The Shanghai Gesture.

A smouldering and seamy return to decadence from Sternberg's wilderness years. Gene Tierney never looked better than this.


Beast of Burden

Antonio Margheriti, Danza Marcabre

Immortal Barbara Steele classic. One of the peaks of first wave Italian Gothic. Too sexy for 1964.


Beast of Burden

Mario Caiano, Eye in the Labyrinth

A giallo with an even more bleak, misanthropic and morally empty worldview than usual. The stylish sheen and surface gloss barely mask the psychological horror at the centre of the permissive materialism depicted here. A savage take on Antonioni.
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Francesco Rosi, Illustrious Corpses

A perfect combination of Elio Petri and Fernando di Leo. One of Italy's great crime films.

Has anyone ever smoked a cig with such malevolence?