Films You've Seen Recently and Don't Know WTF to think


Oh yeah I'm sure you're right about the film... just reminds me of my girlfriend telling me about being worried that Chikatilo would get her when she was growing up.


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he is actually perhaps a bit shit.
i liked sightseers and kill list (apart from the ending, though i know lots of people adore it) but evrything i have seen of his since is like someone just making films because he can. really scrappy, unthinking, missed opportunitities, lacking in inspiration. hes just an auto pilot quickie director.
this new one seems to have been made just so he can have somewhere to put those psych freakout sequences. the rest was really cursory and uninspired. did want a good post covid horror but it was intellectually barren, kind of incoherent, and on top of that, just poorly dramatised - so much you could have done with that scenario, but he missed the boat on both the thrills and the intellectual front. some good body horror bits though.


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I liked bits of Down Terrace, Kill List and Sightseers, A Field in England is probably my favourite I've seen of his and High-Rise I thought was appalling. There's something clunky and amateurish about him and they all feel like student films with a higher budget. They'd be more at home on Vimeo than getting proper theatrical and home releases.


Watched Baskin the other day and... I dunno, i wanted to like it more than I did. Anyone want to defend it?

They mention Hellraiser in the trailer which is the obvious comparison I suppose.


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I think its less about whether anyone would want to, but whether anyone ended up doing so.

In any case, it wasn't that bad. It was a test of equanimity, and I think I passed.


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I can't top The Piano Teacher, but watching a ten minute anal rape scene with my mother was 'interesting' - US version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - also featured a forced blow job - but it was her choice of DVD


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Why is it so embarrassing watching sexual scenes, not only with your parents, but with anybody?

Or is that just me?

If i was sat with one of my best mates watching a serious film with a sex scene in it i'm sure we'd both be awkwardly sniggering and pretending not to be aroused about it all.


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I've yet to see any of those, would you recommend?

I've only seen the one I mentioned - it made me feel dirty - it's very much a male fantasy of an abused 'hacker girl'

However, I did burst out laughing during the torture scene where the killer is having his fun to the strains of Enya's Orinoco Flow