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There's an interview with him somewhere, where he says he was about to top himself and was on antidepressants, constantly ideating suicide, cos everything was going wrong for him. Then he was having to work on some shit film and made love is the message in 2 hours in the evening, and someone got it into a gallery, rest is what you've got. He's definitely a blagger but they all are to one extent or another.
i didn't know that. i don't think you can look for fairness or justice in the art world, the whole thing looks like a winner takes all kind of situation for artists, where who wins seems closer to a lottery than anything based on merit.

i did like love is the message. came across it at the new museum having never heard of him, just after BLM when the new museum unusually they did one show that filled the whole museum, on racial justice, and it was striking. that one lingers in the memory for the style and the point. actually moderately rare to find something in the art world where it's that easy to get the point. i saw another installation by him which was a CGI generated ocean, that was great as well. the one at the zwirner gallery at the moment was mostly photography rather than video but it felt amateur, he'd put up a sort of massive black enclosed box that you walked through full of photos, but it did nothing at all for me. it felt lazy i guess. running over old themes and not doing it particularly well. i guess the other thing is that there's been such an incredible amount of stuff about racial justice etc in galleries over the last few years that you get a bit bored of it, it hardly even registers. although that wave seems to be passing.


Not exactly breaking but definitely gossip. I read somewhere the other day that in No Country For Old Men they mixed up the contract and got Josh Brolin by mistake, they had wanted his father Jim. Now Josh was clearly too young to be a Vietnam vet but the deal was already inked - hence they had a quick think and decided to set the film in the 80s so that that was plausible.

Can that really be true? Sounds unlikely to me but it's a good story.