how much do you drink in a normal week?


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My rule of thumb is that if dose plateaus, the problem plateaus—and what gets you is escalation

Ya pick a daily quantity that's comfortable, but could be pretty quickly jumped off of/detoxed from, and then you don't go above it. That'll require some days, you ease off a bit, go under dose, so that on days you hit your limit, you actually feel something. It's worth it though, I think. It's how you keep your life together.


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Plus, the temptation to indulge is significantly higher when I have it around. The process of leaving to go buy more, even as easy as it is in California, is often more than I'm willing to budge when I get the itch, seeing as the itch is small.

Same with alcohol, but I'm living with my parents who are well-stocked and whom I've gotten to be more liquor-curious, hence my heightened susceptibility to indulgence.


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You can do it Benny, I believe in you

It's not about quitting the drink, you can still drink

It's just you don't escalate. Pick a limit, and stay there. E.g. "an eighth a week, and I won't buy a gram more"
Yeah consider the rate of increase of drinks per day, rather than just the actual number of drinks.

A literal calculus of intoxication.


I credit Banks Caribbean Lager, Stella, whiskey sours, vodka and orange, rum and coke, Black Russians and Rainbow Healing Temple (I'm not making this up) with helping to fend off the Wu Flu. Probably done more good for me than the Astra Zeneca shots. The one gutting thing about last year was I couldn't get hold of MDMA for love or money - would have come in handy when reading Dunsany and listening to early Cocteau Twins in the park at 7am.

My problem is "once you pop, you can't stop". So the original plan's to make a couple of bourbon cocktails on Tuesday night, sip them and relax...reality's waking up at 9.10am on Weds with my line manager Teams-calling me, and seeing an empty bottle of Woodford Reserve, and my voice sounding like Joey Deacon being waterboarded.

Still, this is nothing on my late 20s/early 30s.