how much do you drink in a normal week?


in je ogen waait de wind
Gave up booze (almost entirely) nearly 20 years ago. Best thing I ever did. To reframe the question, probably less than 10 units a year.

I know plenty of people who flirt with problem drinking. 10+ units a night standard, more during lockdown. Team meetings on Monday mornings nearly always start with one or two booze anecdotes and these are addiction specialists - the irony. Not judging. Everyone needs a pressure release valve and these islands have a time honoured tradition with alcohol.

John Keane has a famous drinking compatriot who is a leetle more colourful when describing going at it awful hard

And then there’s

what made you stop drinking? was it a specific event or some sort of process? i decided to stop drinking forever, it's either that or i'm gonna end up dead or in the gutter.


Cat Malogen
Boredom of actually being drunk, the excuses littered around melting hangovers and going awol, health mostly. Couldn’t keep drawing from the well without falling in and drowning cliche. Who needs that. Same with heroin, detox et al

Use ethanol for tinctures but 99% of the alcohol evaporates in boiling water

Mr. Tea

"can't soundclash" according to a VERY HARD MAN
Y viva España!

A Spanish court has ruled that a company was wrong to fire an electrician who may have drunk more than three litres of beer in one day because it had not proved that his consumption had left him “inebriated, intoxicated or drunk”, or unable to do his job.


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having a day off today. been feeling a bit flat. might wait till saturday before having a drinky winky. we'll see how we go.


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i take my role as a role model seriously and i would never want to give the impression i drink constantly cos young people and old people too will copy me and try to do that and it will be very bad for them.

have a drink to excess, binge drink to oblivion, but dont do it all the time. just sometimes when youre overexcited to see your friends etc

ghost of beiser

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Settling into a rhythm of ~2 drinks with friends ~2x / week… hard to imagine going back above that. turns out the big trick to drinking less it to just vastly improve everything else in your life. suddenly doesn't seem as appealing. funny how that works I suppose.


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That's a good target, GoB. I enjoy drinking more when I do it less regularly, probably because I sleep better on the off nights and feel better the following days.


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thats not really drinking or socialising tho is it? see your friends for 1 hour then go home?