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thats the place! (albeit under new ownership) actually i found it very depressing there. grimy.
i thought it was great i could go there. and get free coffee and banana bread and discuss william burroughs with fellow wierdo.


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i played rinse fm on the radio. that job led to the rinse fm pop thread. it was that year. this was a different job


Something important to let you know for ensuring the overall good Performance:

- J-cloth/Blue cloths is for wiping/cleansing Bar and Tables. Please don’t use Blue Roll or Napkins. These are really expensive.

- Each and every drinks has to be recorded; either spillage or sales or to Managers

- No giving away is allowed without the permission of Duty Managers.

- 50% discount is only with the Approval of Manager

Otherwise of above doesn’t consider as a good code of conduct in working place.

Please do respect your job as part of your personal impression to other in working environment.

Just a little reminder to refresh yourselves.

Thanks for your contribution


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and the english born don't understand solidarity only self-interest and now they've all got someone to kick down at, no matter how lowly their status might be. ugly, narrow, grasping attitudes. when did it stop being shameful to suck up and kick down? the game is rigged. there are no prizes for good behaviour. you can smile and aquiese as much as you like. no shame in collusion. no shame in collaboration.

i've been taken to one side by 21 year olds, 19 year olds, people who do the same job as me, and for less money too, and told i should be more enthusaiastic, smile more, upsell. people with no vested interest,no share in profits whatsoever. that is dystopian. that is terrifying. that makes the blood run cold. how did we get there?

american colonisation of the english mind. colonised. our own values usurped and forgotten. the triumph of rome.
blair's erasure of class warfare. that sleight of hand. everyone can be a winner. you can be one of us if you accept our values.
i'm just wondering if this can be mapped on to current musical artists too


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general imposition of a stage school mentality and talent show career is the best i can manage


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anyway related to the topic

i've just been to honest burger where they not only served me but remembered not serving me last time and gave me a discount, how's that?

however, i was seated right next to 2 women who (having presumably just done a whole day's work) spent the whole time i was there talking continuously about their workplace, no other topics, no jokes, neither of them laughed even once, just non-stop shit about expertise, drive, development management, endless shit