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"I took my Hybrid set to @hoer.berlin earlier this week. Dismantling hundreds of tracks into single parts and re-arranging into something new. Primed to rip your head off."


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I'm seriously trying to give it a chance, but the vocals are way too loud. It's hurting my ears.


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dj oblique - near miss sneer mix

multigenre multitempo mix of noisy industrial cuts, but emphatically not just yet another played out industrial techno mix, there's rhythmic and real textural diversity going on here.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/qdcru6om5fg8w7r/DJ Oblique - Near Miss Sneer Mix.mp3?dl=0

here is the tracklist:

Oni Ayhun - untitled
Helicopterface - Positive Collide
Kronos Device - The Structure
Vi11AiN - Someone Must Pay
Bombardier - Radio Tower
Ingler - Xatix
S.A.T.K.A. - Transist
Element Abuse - Andy Gibson
Emptyset - Gate 3
Metal Beast - Cacophlex
Grischa Lichtenberger - 0406_01_RS_!
A034 - Mist
Pod - Geodesic Dome
Ugandan Methods - mat Oput 1
Mika Vainio - Barbarians
Diskbootik - Ribbons of Sound 02
Ancient Methods - untitled
Re:Group - AntiChance (original mix)
Imminent - Teskede
Moving Ninja - Shellcode
Anstam - untitled
Virtus - Ice Crime
Vex'd - Slug Trawl Depths
2methylBulbe1ol - Sans Échafaud
Slutmachine - Xistor
Elektroplasma - Analyse
Reload - Teq
Laura Grabb - W1-W5
Cloaks - R.F.I.D.
13th Hour - Malice Aforethought
Loops Haunt - Impact Omnihammer
Shatterbreak - Shadowdeep Paradise
Steel - One Man and His Anger
Vent - Silicon Age (Cursor Miner rmx)
CDatakill - No Brakes (remix by DJ Hidden)
Subskan - I Don't Care
Xanopticon - Stable Fire
Oni Ayhun - untitled

I decided to resurrect this thirdform approved mix from 2010 before CD-R rot takes it. It's probably good timing since I had trouble ripping it the first time. The recording is a bit more lo-fi than I remember, but maybe that adds to the charm.

less than a week for download:
WAV https://we.tl/t-LX0DKrYtCw 807 MB folder w/ tracklist and image
FLAC https://we.tl/t-eHmdIIGOHI 531.6 MB folder w/ tracklist and image
MP3 https://we.tl/t-dmUgfdrhYH 183.4 MB folder w/ tracklist and image

Streaming and MP3 download available at Soundcloud and Hearthis:



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going to see his new live show in amsterdam.
also haven't seen the young dutch no.1 export torus before, so very curious how it will turn out.