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in an ideal world i would have beaten up shamima's recruiters and shown her the shamanistic glories of early 90s hard acid techno.


pass the sick bucket
seriousness was the great flaw of the german social democrats. they could never embrace the avant-garde whereas hitler youth were veracious drinkers. a lesson we must always learn. the temperance movement was very bad. marx liked the london pub crawl after all.

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apparently before the neolithic revolution (and the specialisation that resulted) group structures weren't particularly hierarchical. so if you were to define communism simply as egalitarian societies in which the means and rewards of production are equitably distributed then you could argue that the 'barbarian ideal' is compatible with communism.

however if communism is defined as a more complex body of thought and a historical phenomenon then obviously it is inherently tied to civilisation.

Your first paragraph is confusing two vert different things. The more or less egalitarian, band-level societies, subsisting on hunting and gathering with perhaps some very limited horticulture, constitute what anthropologists used to call 'savagery'. As I think I've said already, I can get behind the identification of this sort of society as 'primitive communism'. The barbarian societies come much later. They're characterized by agriculture, or pastoralism at least, are highly hierarchical and are organised on the scale of tribes or nations with thousands, even millions of members. Think Celts, Vikings, Huns, Mongols.

Agree with your second para.

I know the conversation has moved on since this post but it seems to be mostly snarky digs at vim, so I dunno if I've missed much.


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The funny thing about this thread is no one has noticed that third is the only one who has done his reading and knows what he's talking about.