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Have not been to a dance for a good 15 years. But the point when the selecter plays some 4/4 dubs. Rasta's put thier tams aside and do Kung Fu moves - martial arts was a big thing in the 70's and early 80's. Legs dipping, kicking, stepping, arms slicing, punching and dicing.

I think someone put a mix of 4/4 dub on the Blood and Fire forum. I don't have it/can't find it, John Eden or Matt B may have it, dunno.


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Dub exploded my listening. I don't know if it was the same for you. I assume yeah or I would explain right

I can relate to this, dub made me aware of the details, timbre as an element on par with melody, the power of minimalism. All of which are hard to disentangle from getting stoned and both entered my life simultaneously so who knows.


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Winston Jarett - Must be a Revolution dub

Heard this on a system on Saturday. Crunchy hi hats sound weird on headphones, but on a reggae sound they're perfect. Heavy militant roots with intricate percussion.



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King Tubby - Hardest Dub

I was trying to think back to my first ever encounter with dub. My exposure to reggae followed a well worn path... best friend's big sister introduced me to the specials when I was about 12... bad copy of a Lee Perry Bob Marley tape about a year later... then my Da, who was a printer at a CD company around the time and used to get various CDs came home with this King Tubby compilation (with no art or case of course), which I became absolutely entranced by: https://www.discogs.com/King-Tubby-Augustus-Pablo-Presents-King-Tubby/master/1015336

This was one of my favourite tunes. No spectacular desk edits, just a beautifully understated use of drum reverb and gorgeous vocal treatment:

Many years later I went the reverse route of trying to figure out the originals from the dubs and found this:

The transformative power of dub in action.

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Have listened to prob 1/3 or so, familiar w some more by name

Definitely don't have that true deep knowledge

So not much to add, but here's one