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What happened to Paul meme/grievous angel? Does he still post on here?

He was my favourite from back in the day. He was like yr really cool uncle

Hi Simon!

Paul was enthusiastic about the silverdollarcircle blog (to be fair, he was enthusiastic about a lot of things)

He doesn't really post here but still does stuff on twitter (and possibly facebook - which I have no clue about).

He is still making 140 tunes and is part of that scene whatever the hell that is now.

Omfg literally the best weird rnb track ever made - stupendous
Droogs, a song by NxWorries, Anderson .Paak, Knxwledge on Spotify

Jan 24
Gardeners world is trippy as fuck tonight


There's actually a point there, though. There was an early era of K-Punk, mostly on the early Blogger version before he upgraded to a plusher platform, which some of us engaged with more and coincided with the energy peak of the blogs, Summer-Autumn-Winter of 2003-4 basically. It was a more exploratory phase, using the format for creativity and communication. Then he converted his blog into a philosophical and political project and attempted to co-opt this board into that scheme too, which is when he found some resistance. To an extent he was trying to get the forum to achieve its intellectual potential, but another side of it was puritanical, even tyrannical: the Dope Smoking Dads needed to get with the programme or be eliminated. K-Punk enjoyed a good purge.
Is Abstract Dynamics the plusher platform? AFAICT the archive seems to indicate he left a previously Blogspot account in September of 2003 to find a new home at A.D. Are you a year late with your calculation maybe? Or is the archive misleading?


I can't find Heronbone posts before spring 2003, or Citta Violenta posts before fall 2003, so maybe I'm wrong here


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suspendeds sinister research project gives me a sense of alarm and foreboding. he sent me a questionnaire about jungle and garage music yesterday. why is he harvesting this data craner?


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A classic dudepost sequence:

Every time i log into instagram Linebaugh has posted new tattoo pics and I am freshly amazed that he has found someone new who lets him draw a shrieking skull on their thigh flesh

Has anyone asked you for a custom fey satirization of late millenial brooklyn culture suspended?

actually yes, read his latest blog post? he got a big commission from none other than Spike TV. yeah thats right, same media org you know and love for producing 2000s smash hits like The Guys Choice Awards, UFC All Access, and Gary the Rat


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Yeah lads still shot round my way, some dude got the fuck kicked out of him for no reason right between the private hospital and a primary school, left for dead and a taxi ran him over, killed the kid a few months back...

You want to big up the fallacy of road yeah? Grow up.

George Ezra was their soundtrack.

London is the one.

Big up London's music scene and grime we're the true soundtrack to that shit...

We do trap now... On 1Xtra.